Khai Wu Talks PFL Debut: ‘Camp Has Been Very Uneasy, and I Like It’

Khai “The Shadow” Wu will soon be making a debut in the PFL on Friday Nov. 24 at PFL 10: 2023 Championships. Wu is a veteran MMA fighter with sharp skills and a dangerous mind. he will be looking to make an impression on fans as he faces New Jersey’s Phil Caracappa later this winter.

Khai Wu Talks PFL MMA

Since making his professional MMA debut in 2018, The Shadow has amassed 11 bouts. With each win and each loss, he is able to continue his lifelong passion – being a student of martial arts. In an interview with Tim Wheaton of Combat Press, he explained:

“There’s always something that could be improved on. I’m like, ‘Okay. What’s the – what’s a better way to do things now? How can I get better? How can I get people more excited?’ You know what I mean? Instead of just kind of getting complacent and just kind of pat myself on the back.”

The 28-year-old Wu will be making his PFL debut after a victory earlier this year. Fighting in the PFL is simply an honor. He said:


“I asked for these challenges and I’m very honored to be here in this position with such a game opponent that’s making me, that’s forcing me to, level up. So this training camp has been very uneasy and I like it. That’s where I feel like I do the best.”

Mark Zuckerberg and Khai Wu

While many fans may not yet know the name Khai Wu, they’ve certainly already seen him. Earlier this year, he was shown in a video training alongside tech genius Mark Zuckerberg. On training alongside Zuckerberg, Wu said:

“And, then, I was brought in to work with him, and I always tell people this, because I think me and Mark have a good back-and-forth with the dad jokes. I throw a lot of stupid jokes out there. And, I think he might have liked it. He kind of decided to keep me around, and we just work really well.”

Fans are looking forward to seeing the debut of Wu in the PFL on Nov. 24. 135 pounds is arguably the most competitive division in MMA today, and there have been rumors of the PFL eyeing a bantamweight tournament in 2024.

“This first fight will be a real good tester for me to showcase my skillset – my level – against someone that’s 9-3 – a very good record – [who] fought on The Contender Series before. [He] legit had a belt at [135 pounds and] had a belt at [145 pounds]. It’s very legit. I think this is a good test just to, kind of, get my feet wet. And the next year – who knows?”

For the full interview with Tim Wheaton and Khai Wu, see below: