Huang Shuailu Karate Combat 45

Karate Combat 45’s Huang Shuailu: ‘Musical Instruments Will Calm You’

“The Silent God of War” is a fitting name for China’s Huang Shuailu – a man of few words who does most of his talking with his intense fighting acumen. At Karate Combat 45, the experienced kickboxer will step into the pit to take on Ali Zarinfar on Apr. 20 live from Dubai.

The 24-year-old striker Huang is a well-experienced athlete on the Chinese kickboxing scene, with multiple fights in Wu Lin Feng and Kunlun. Currently, he is on an 11-fight winning streak and will be looking to make it 12 in a row against Ali Zarinfar.

Ahead of his Karate Combat debut, Huang sat down for an interview with Tim Wheaton of Combat Press to discuss his experience, background, and plans for the future.


Huang Shuailu At Karate Combat 45

Fight at Karate Combat 45 against Ali Zarinfar, what’s the game plan?

Ali has good strike and knees attack. So I will use boxing and keep good distance to offence.

You have fought in so many nations, what is the best audience to fight in front of?

They enjoy the fights and keep the passion with fighters.

You’ve competed under numerous rulesets, what is the best form of kick-fighting in your opinion?

5 seconds ground rules.

China now seems to be becoming a hot spot for kickboxing, how do you envision the popularity in the next few years of the sport?

Kickboxing is very close to Chinese WuShu (Chinese Tradition Martial Arts). I think there will be more and more kickboxing fighters based on WuShu involved in pro-fight events.

What was your main inspiration for getting into combat sports?

My love of fighting.

Looking five years into the future, how do you picture yourself?

I will keep training and try my best to win the bouts. I will crown the world title.

For music, what do you recommend all of us listen to?

Please try some Chinese traditional classic music. The musical instruments will calm you down.

What about favorite video games?

Heroes League.

What does it mean to be competing in Dubai?

Very good experience, except the flood. We stayed in the plane for the first night in Dubai.

Thank you so much for your time and best of luck in the match!