Nadaka RWS Muay Thai

What’s Next for Nadaka Yoshinari?

The Japanese phenom Nadaka Yoshinari has been decorating himself with multiple Muay Thai titles recently, cleaning out entire divisions. The 23-year-old strike is fresh off the biggest win of his career, adding his fourth stadium championship. Now, fans wonder what’s next for the Muay Thai prodigy.

Nadaka Yoshinari

At just the age of 23, Nadaka Yoshinari, aka Nadaka Eiwasports Gym, has earned an incredible number of titles in Muay Thai, such as in WMC, IBF, BOM, PAT, and two in the WBC. Most notably, he has earned a stadium title in Lumpinee and three in Rajadamnern. Just this past weekend was to be the biggest challenge of his career against the notoriously tough and hard-hitting Praewprao Petchyindee Academy. Yoshinari passed this test with no issue in Rajadamnern World Series.

In addition to his illustrious titles, Yoshinari has also put together an incredible win streak. The Japanese-born athlete has earned 29 consecutive victories, and most impressively, 24 of these were won by KO. From elbows and knees, and to punches, and kicks, he is dangerous with every limb. Nadaka Yoshinari is a mix of power and speed on offense, with an acute understanding of angles and footwork on defense.


But, for much of his career, he has competed in weight classes that have less competition when compared to others. Yoshinari, of course, has earned victories there with ease. However many fans are hoping to see the striker test himself in deeper waters. Thus far, he has competed and won titles ranging from 105 lbs to 115 lbs, going up to 117 lbs will be the most challenging step of his career.

Kumandoi and Khunsueklek

At 117 lbs, RWS has set its sights on two highly dangerous fighters. Kumandoi Petcharoenvit and Khunsueklek Boomdeksian, are two names that may be next for Nadaka Yoshinari.

Khunsueklek is a top-ranked pound-for-pound Muay Thai striker who has collected titles in PAT and Omnoi Stadium. Most impressively, he is unbeaten in his last 39 matches.

Kumandoi is a highly experienced athlete who has earned acclaim at the highest levels of both Muay Thai and Kickboxing. The 29-year-old striker has earned titles in True4U, WBC, Omnoi Stadium, and two in Rajadamnern Stadium. However, he was recently hospitalized after a motorbike accident.

Facing Kumandoi or Khunsueklek would be the biggest challenge of Nadaka Yoshinari’s Muay Thai career. Either of these two would represent the most decorated strikers he’s faced. In addition to going up in weight to an even larger division. Will he continue to clean out the lower weight classes or can he jump to the deepest of waters?