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Rajadamnern World Series: July 15 Preview

On Jul. 15, the upcoming RWS Muay Thai event will showcase the Super Lightweight and Female Bantamweight tournaments. This event marks the final chance for fighters to secure their spots in the Final Four.

The winners of each group will earn the opportunity to compete for the 3 million baht prize money and the esteemed RWS: Rajadamnern World Series championship title. The upcoming matches will determine the top two Muay Thai fighters from each group and determine the matchups for the Final Four.

RWS Muay Thai – July 15

Super Lightweight Division Group B: Choojaroen Dabransarakham vs. Saman Venum Muay Thai

Choojaroen Dabransarakham, from Thailand, has established himself as a prominent figure in the realm of five-round Muay Thai action. Additionally, he boasts victories in competitions such as the Top King World Series Championship, the Channel 7 Championship, and the Lumpinee Stadium, among others.


In his prior appearances in RWS Muay Thai, Choojaroen showcased his skills with a first-round knockout against Aik Revolution Phuket plus a unanimous decision victory over Nuenglanlek Jitmuangnon. Currently positioned at the top of Group B with 9 points, Choojaroen holds a comfortable 6-point lead over the second-place contender.

Saman Venum Muay Thai, a late replacement, approaches this fight with nothing to lose and everything to gain. A victory over Choojaroen would not only mark a monumental upset in Muay Thai history but also catch the attention of RWS matchmakers, potentially paving the way for a future rematch at RWS.

Super Lightweight Division Group B: Nuenglanlek Jitmuangnon vs. Pinpetch Banchamek

Thailand’s Nuenglanlek Jitmuangnon has earned acclaim having held championship titles in Lumpinee and Omnoi Stadium. In his previous RWS Muay Thai bouts, Nuenglanlek earned a unanimous decision win against Mathias Phountoucos but faced a decision loss against Choojaroen.

Standing across the ring from him, Pinpetch Banchamek, a protégé of the legendary Buakaw Banchamek, enters the tournament as a dark horse, having joined as a replacement in the second round of group stage fights. Pinpetch’s performance at RWS includes a unanimous decision win over Mathias Phountoucos.

Both fighters currently hold 3 points, indicating that this upcoming match will likely determine the second-place qualifier from Group B. With so much at stake, the loser of this fight will be eliminated from the competition and sent home.

Super Lightweight Division Group A: Sakulchailek Pangkongpap vs. Petchthongchai T.B.M. Gym 

From Thailand, Sakulchailek Pangkongpap is notable due to his impressive resume as the former Channel 7 Muay Thai Champion. His past performances at RWS have been challenging, with a unanimous decision loss against Capitan Petchyindee Academy and a first-round knockout loss against Soner Venum Muay Thai.

In contrast, Petchthongchai T.B.M. Gym, a late replacement in the tournament, singular RWS Muay Thai fight includes a decisive unanimous decision win over Capitan Petchyindee Academy, a former world title holder in ONE Championship.

Sakulchailek currently finds himself at the bottom of Group A with 0 points and no wins, making it highly improbable for him to advance to the Final Four. On the other hand, Petchthongchai still has a chance to progress, which will depend on the outcome of Capitan’s fight.

Super Lightweight Division Group A: Capitan Petchyindee Academy vs. Soner Venum Muay Thai

The former world champion from ONE, Lumpinee Stadium, and others, Capitan Petchyindee Academy has established himself as a superstar in the world of combat sports. Thus far in RWS Muay Thai, Capitan achieved a unanimous decision victory against Sakulchailek Pangkongpap but faced a unanimous decision loss against Petchthongchai.

Soner Venum Muay Thai,an 11-time Turkish Muay Thai Champion, has so far earned a unanimous decision loss against Petchuthong but made a statement with his first-round knockout win against Sakulchailek.

For both fighters, this upcoming bout is a must-win situation to secure a coveted spot in the Final Four.

Female Bantamweight Division Group A: Sevgi Dogan vs. Jitti Sor.Sor. Chiangmai

‘Ice Queen’ Sevgi Dogan, of Turkey, is merely 20 years old and delivering incredible success thus far in RWS Muay Thai. She is a seven-time Turkish Muay Thai National Champion. In RWS, Sevgi has defeated both Kamlaipetch Petchyindee Academy and Paloma Phuket Fight Club via decision.

Thailand’s Jitti Sor.Sor. Chiangmai began her Muay Thai career when she was just a young girl. In this RWS Tournament, she has faced losses against Paloma Phuket Fight Club and Kamlaipetch Petchyindee Academy.

Sevgi currently holds the top position in Group A with 6 points, Jitti finds herself at the bottom of Group A without any wins yet. With an undefeated record so far in this tournament stage, Sevgi aims to keep her perfect record in RWS Muay Thau by securing a victory against Jitti on Jul. 15.

Female Bantamweight Division Group A: Paloma Phuket Fight Club vs. Kamplaipetch Petchyindee Academy

Spain’s Paloma Phuket Fight Club, former WMC Muay Thai World Champion, has earned a 1-1 record so far in RWS Muay Thai. A decision victory against Jitti but earned a loss against Sevgi Venum Muay Thai.

Kamplaipetch Petchyindee Academy, from Thailand, a former IFMA Muay Thai Champion, she experienced a decision loss against Sevgi but bounced back with a unanimous decision win against Jitti.

Both fighters find themselves with 3 points each, tied for second place in the group behind Sevgi Venum Muay Thai. Both of these fighters are in a must-win scenario or face going home.

With the Final Four spots on the line, the Muay Thau athletes will battle for a chance to compete for the 3 million baht prize money and the RWS: Rajadamnern World Series World Championship Titles. The matches will determine the top fighters from each group, setting the stage for matchups in the Final Four later this year.

To watch RWS Muay Thai, most nations around the globe will have the fight card available on DAZN. If you are in Thailand, the fight event is available on YouTube.