Leon Edwards (Jeff Sherwood/Sherdog)

Dana White Official Statement: Leon Edwards Possibility to Fight at UFC 295

UFC welterweight champion, Leon Edwards, is gearing up for a potential showdown at UFC 295, making a return to the iconic Madison Square Garden. After claiming the welterweight Edwards aims to solidify his reign with a second title defense. UFC President Dana White recently disclosed in an exclusive interview with TNT Sports that he expects Edwards to make his highly-anticipated comeback before the end of the year. Let’s find out what can be possibilities.  Fans and analysts eagerly await for the return of  Leon Edwards. 

Leon Edwards is nearing a return to the UFC

August 2022 marked a historic moment for the UFC, as Leon Edwards clinched victory over Kamaru Usman, capturing the welterweight championship. This achievement etched his name in the annals of history as only the second British fighter to hold a UFC title. Demonstrating sheer tenacity and skill, Edwards solidified his position as a dominant force in the welterweight division. 

In March, at UFC London, Leon Edwards successfully defended his welterweight title in a highly anticipated rematch against Kamaru Usman. The 31-year-old showcased his prowess once again, leaving no doubt about his place as the reigning champion. However, since that epic encounter, Edwards has been awaiting his next challenge, determined to prove his mettle in the Octagon. But before the epic clash unfolds, people are using bet365 sign up to make their predictions.


UFC Chairman, Dana White, provided some insight into Leon Edwards’ future plans during an exclusive interview.

Before the end of the year,” White told TNT Sports in a recent interview when asked for an update on Edwards. “We’ll see him before the end of the year. He could play out to be possibly fight at MSG.

“Again, stuff which we’re still working on. We’re up to October figured out right now.”

White expressed his optimism about Edwards’ return, stating that he is hopeful to see the champion back in action before the year concludes. With UFC 295 scheduled to take place on November 11 at Madison Square Garden, New York, fans are eagerly anticipating Edwards’ potential participation in what promises to be a stacked undercard.

Colby Covington: The Likely Contender

As Edwards prepares for his second title defense, Colby Covington emerges as the most likely opponent. Covington, a formidable fighter himself, has been out of action since March 2022, following a decisive victory over his former friend and training partner, Jorge Masvidal, at UFC 272. Unfortunately, this triumph was marred by an alleged restaurant altercation between Covington and Masvidal, resulting in an ongoing legal case. As per reliable sources, combat sports reporter Adam Catterall revealed that Dana White has finalized plans for Leon Edwards to face Colby Covington in a co-main event bout. The anticipation for this matchup has reached fever pitch, with fans and analysts eagerly speculating on how this clash of titans will unfold. The welterweight title will hang in the balance, adding an extra layer of excitement to an already electric even

While UFC 295 at Madison Square Garden holds tremendous appeal, there is also speculation surrounding a potential fight at UFC 294 in Abu Dhabi. UFC officials are carefully weighing their options to determine the most suitable stage for Edwards’ return. Regardless of the location, fight fans can expect an exhilarating display of talent and combat skills from the welterweight champion.

Final words 

Leon Edwards, the reigning UFC welterweight champion, is poised to make a spectacular return to the Octagon.  Fans eagerly anticipate witnessing his incredible talent on display once again. A potential showdown against Colby Covington adds further excitement to this upcoming event. As the anticipation builds, fight enthusiasts from around the world eagerly await Edwards’ triumphant return to the cage, where he will undoubtedly continue his quest for greatness and cement his legacy as one of the sport’s finest champions.