Bogdan Stoica (ONE Championship)

OKTAGON’s Bogdan Stoica: ‘One of the Most Spectacular Events That You Have Ever Seen’

33-year-old Bogdan Stoica is a Romanian kickboxerboxer, and former Wushu practitioner, who was a SUPERKOMBAT cruiserweight champion, Enfusion light heavyweight champion and two-time Wushu national champion in Romania. He has also competed for GLORY KickboxingONE ChampionshipWu Lin Feng and Glory of Heroes.

This Saturday, in Turin, Italy, he will face the -95kg ISKA K-1 world champion Mattia Faraoni for the title. Here is an interview he did with the OKTAGON press office:

First of all, thanks for your availability and your time. How has your camp gone?


It was an intense schedule for me, but I am in a good shape and I feel ready for any challenge. Me and my brother we trained good, also we had also guests in the gym like Uku from Glory and the other top heavyweights from Dynamite Fighting Show. Also, I had a camp in Serbia at the beginning of September with a lot of good experience for me.

How does it feel to have the opportunity to fight in Italy for a world title?

First of all, I want to thank OKTAGON for this. I am honored to fight again in Italy. It’s like my second home, because a lot of my Romanian friends live here. In my career, I’ve fought three times in Italy – one time in Turin, and it was amazing. I feel the same support from the public like in my fights in Romania. The Romanian fans from Italy are amazing. This time, it’s special for me, because I’m fighting for the world title, and I’m sure that a lot of my Romanians will be there at the arena with the flags.

You are a legend in the sport, but, for the ones who don’t know you, how would you describe your style?

Thank you very much for your kind description. My style, it’s the one that you already saw. I like to fight and push it to the limit from the first second – looking to kick and punch my opponents. My favorite technique is the flying knee, but I have also other weapons for my opponents.

Do you know Mattia Faraoni? If so, what do you think about him?

I saw some of his fights. He is a top fighter. That’s why he is fighting for the ISKA world belt. He has good boxing skills, and I’m sure that we will make a top war together. And, the best will win.

If you compare him with your past opponents, how would you rate him?

I don’t like to rate my opponents. For me, doesn’t matter if my opponent its ranked No. 1 in the world, or he’s making the pro debut. I’m very serious for each fight, and, this time, it will be the same. Mattia is a good fighter, and I will train hard for this.

Do you have any prediction for the fight? Did you spot any weakness in your opponent?

If I make a prediction, of course, Bogdan Stoica – winner. I don’t speak about his weaknesses. I’m confident of my skills.

Who will win? Will it be by knockout or decision?

Bogdan Stoica – winner. Doesn’t matter if it will be by points or knockout. I’m sure that, in OKTAGON, we will have a fair judge. So, if the fight will be ended after five rounds, I will not be disadvantaged.

Did you already know about OKTAGON? Are you excited to fight in such a historic event?

Yes, of course. Everyone knows OKTAGON. It’s the biggest fighting brand in Italy, and I’m happy that I will make my debut here with a world title fight. I’m sure that the atmosphere in Turin will be amazing like I saw in the previous OKTAGON events.

Now let’s move to few personal questions:

  • We read in your bio that you had a motorcycle accident in 2012. Can you tell us a bit more about that period, and how did you overcome adversity?

It was a difficult time for me, because, in that time, my career was growing fast, but I never stopped dreaming about my comeback. It was not easy for me, and I had problems, also, many years after that. But, I got back stronger, and, now, I’m 100-percent.

  • We know that your bond with your brother is special. How would you describe your relationship?

Like you said, it’s not just bloodline. Our relationship has not changed since we were kids – always together, always training for the next challenges. I’m sure he will support me in November for this world title.

  • You are known as the “Bucharest Bad Boy,” but, from your social media pages, we see you are a lovely father. How important are your daughters in your life?

They are my life. I cannot imagine, now, my life without them. I have a happy family, and I’m fighting for my wife, daughters, parents and brother. I want to represent them at the highest level.

Have you ever been in Italy? Do you know the country?

I’ve been many times in Italy – three times to fight in Turin, Milan and Monza, and, also, many times as guest for different events. Italy is one of the most beautiful countries, and, for me, as Romanian, I have a special feeling, because, in Italy, it’s the biggest Romanian community around the world.

Do you have a message for your opponent?

Mattia, be ready. Because, I will.

Do you have a message for your fans?

Dear friends, don’t miss this event, because it will be one of the most spectacular that you have ever seen.