Hojat Khajevand (L) (OKTAGON MMA)

OKTAGON 53’s Hojat Khajevand: Making the Most of Few Opportunities

On Saturday, Feb. 10, Hojat Khajevand will face David Zawada in a middleweight bout at OKTAGON 53, which takes place live from the Rudolf Weber-Arena in Oberhausen, Germany.

Jake Foley of Combat Press recently interviewed the middleweight contender over email. Khajevand talks about his struggles to find qualified opponents, the landscape of the middleweight division, what happens with a win at OKTAGON 53, and more.

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You’re coming off a year where you were only able to fight once due to things out of your control. What are your takeaways from 2023 and how do you deal with the frustration of not getting to be more active? 

Of course, that’s very sad and disappointing for me. Back then, it was like that in the German league – nobody wanted to fight me. Annd, I thought it would be better at OKTAGON. But here is just as bad, I trained hard every day in the hope that I would fight soon, but it just didn’t happen. To all middleweights at OKTAGON, either fight me or get out of the way. I want to be champion.

The one fight you did get in was an impressive second-round submission. Were you happy with the performance? What were your thoughts when you went back and re-watched the fight?

I was not surprised. I knew that I am better, I knew that I polivka Finishe, so I did.

Later this week, you’ll fight under the OKTAGON banner for the third time, what are your thoughts on the promotion and how they’ve been able to grow rapidly?

It’s just crazy what OKTAGON delivers, especially in Germany. We fill the halls. Everything is mega professional and cool. Thank you OKTAGON for everything

You’re also going to be back in Germany for the fourth fight in a row. What has it meant for you to fight there? Is that something you request? Or has the timing and events worked out to prevent you from having to go to the Czech Republic or England? 

Germany is my home, and I love to fight here, but I would love to fight, for example, in O2 Arena against a superstar from there, like Cepo, or Pirat or Kincl. That will be even more awesome for me than fighting in Germany. I hope it happens as soon as possible. At home from champion, beat him and bring the belt home. That’s my dream.

Let’s talk about your opponent for this Saturday. I think he is going to be a step up in competition based on your last opponent. What are your thoughts on David Zawada and what do you expect from him in the cage? 

I am very happy that finally a very good and experienced opponent wants to fight against me. To be the best you have to beat the best. I have all the weapons to beat Zawada. I have confidence in myself, and I will beat him. This will be one of the toughest fights of his career. I am here to finish him.

With a win, where do you think you’ll be in the OKTAGON middleweight division. I would assume you’d be ranked four or maybe even three, but rankings don’t mean everything when it comes to title shots. Do you think you get a title shot with a win?

Ranking means nothing to me. I can beat everyone above me, so they don’t want to fight me. After a win against Zawada, I definitely deserve a title fight. Who deserves it more than me? If someone is there and thinks he deserves it more, then let’s fight

What are your thoughts on Patrik Kincl and the interim champion Piotr Wawrzyniak? Who do you think will win the undisputed throne on March 2nd? 

Kincl is the better man for me, he is more complete and I think he will remain the champion

How do you think you’d match up against the winner of Kincl vs. Wawrzyniak? I’d imagine you’re only worried about Zawada right now, but I’m interested to hear how you think your fighting style would match up with either of them in a five-round title fight

I can defeat anyone, I have all the weapons to defeat anyone at OKTAGON, really anyone. And 5×5 wouldn’t be a problem either, I’m as fit as a horse.

Let’s two are general questions about your fighting career. How many fights do you have on your OKTAGON contract and do you expect to be with the promotion for the rest of your career?

I only have one fight left at OKTAGON, let’s see what the future holds. OKTAGON is definitely one of the best leagues.

When your fighting career is over sometime way down the line, what do you want to be remembered for inside the cage?

I haven’t thought about that yet, but what I really want is to become champion and show people that I’ve done it. I don’t have a life like many other professionals, just training and nothing else. I have to work 40 hours a week and train, but I still manage to pull it off. I want to show everyone that if you want it, you can do it.