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Top 10 Best Kickboxing Knockouts of September 2023

The month of September saw some incredible knockouts in the world of kickboxing. This list is the top ten best knockouts of this month. It includes knockouts from GLORY Kickboxing, K-1 World GP, KRUSH, and KNOCK OUT.

Top 10 Best Kickboxing Knockouts of Sep. 2023

10. Liu Ce Knocks Out Ariel Machado with Leg Kicks – K-1 World GP

Liu Ce, of China, was able to stop the Brazilian striker Ariel Machado with a storm of leg kicks. In the second round of the match, during the K-1 Openweight Tournament semifinal, Machado was unable to recover.

9. Koji Ikeda Knocks Out Shinta with a Knee to the Body – K-1 World GP

Koji Ikeda, of Japan, was able to earn his third victory of 2023 with a brutal knockout, a thunderous knee to the body put down Shinta. Koji Ikeda is a former Muay Thai and KRUSH world champion.


8. Seiya Furuki Knocks Out Yuki Morioka with Punches – KNOCK OUT 2023 vol.4

Japan’s Seiya Furuki was able to put together his second win of 2023 with another first-round knockout. After a brutal back-and-forth, with both men launching flurries, Seiya Furuki was able to get his hand raised as his opponent was unable to rise to his feet.

7. Shogo Kuriaki Knocks Out Shuhei Humura with a Left Hook – KNOCK OUT 2023 vol.4

Shogo, of Japan, was able to extend his impressive win streak with his fourth consecutive victory. He made quick work of Shuhei Humura stopping him in the first round with a booming left hook.

6. Hiroki KO’s Reito Bravely with Leg Kicks – KRUSH 153

After three rounds of battle, Japan’s Hiroki stopped Reito Bravely with a flurry of leg kicks. Hiroki was able to get back in the win column at KRUSH 153.

5. Liu Ce Knocks Out Valentin Bordianu with a Right Hook – K-1 World GP

Liu Ce, of China, was able to make his debut in K-1 with authority. In the opening round of the Grand Prix, he made quick work of Romania’s Valentin Bordianu with a knockout just 96 seconds into the bout.

4. Claudio Istrate Knocks Out Mahmoud Sattari with Punches – K-1 World GP

In the opening match of the K-1 Openweight Grand Prix, Italy’s Claudio Istrate was able to use his heavy hands to stop K-1 cruiserweight champion Mahmoud Sattari in just the first round.

3. Liu Ce Knocks Out Claudio Istrate with Leg Kicks – K-1 World GP

In the last match of the K-1 ReBIRTH 30th Anniversary Openweight Tournament final, both Claudio Istrate and China’s Liu Ce had defeated two opponents earlier in the night. Liu Ce only needed 45 seconds to win a K-1 Grand Prix World Title using a barrage of heavy leg kicks.

2. Nordine Mahieddine Knocks Out Abdarhmane Coulibaly with a Head Kick – GLORY 88

Top-ranked heavyweight French-Algerian Nordine Mahieddine was able to upset the hometown hero Abdarhmane Coulibaly with a head-kick knockout in Paris, France. With a knee to the body followed by a head kick, Mahieddine was able to advance into the top five in the heavyweight division.

1. Tiffany van Soest Knocks Out Sarah Moussaddak with a Head Kick – GLORY 88

Tiffany van Soest retired with a final match in the main event of GLORY 88. After a historic career, being crowned an all-time great in kickboxing, the American athlete was able to close out the show with an incredible head kick knockout against her rival Sarah Moussaddak.