GLORY 87 Weigh-In Results

GLORY 87 is booked for Aug 19. live from the Rotterdam Ahoy in The Netherlands. It will feature a four-man heavyweight tournament and a lightweight title bout. The weigh-in results for GLORY 87 can be found below.

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GLORY 87 Weigh-In Results

Main Event
Heavyweight Tournament Final

Winner of Semi-Final 1 vs. Winner of Semi-Final 2


Co-Main Event
GLORY Lightweight Title

Champion Tyjani Beztati (69.8 kg/153.8 lb) vs. Kaito Ono (69.5 kg/153.2 lb)

#1 Michael Boapeah (84.3 kg/185.8 lb) vs. #3 Sergej Braun (84.5 kg/186.2 lb)

#7 Murthel Groenhart (77 kg/169.7 lb) vs. Cihad Akipa (77 kg/169.7 lb)

#7 Jan Kaffa (64.8 kg/142.8 lb) vs. #9 Mohamed El Hammouti (65 kg/143.3 lb)

Heavyweight Tournament Semi-Final 2
Mohamed Amine (100.3 kg/221.1 lb) vs. Bahram Rajabzadeh (100.2 kg/221 lb)

Heavyweight Tournament Semi-Final 1
#10 Uku Jürjendal (114.3 kg/252 lb) vs. Martin Terpstra (117.6 kg/259 lb)

– Preliminary Card –

Imad Hadar (84.4 kg/186 lb) vs. Bartosz Muszynski (84.7 kg/186.7 lb)

Heavyweight Tournament Reserve Bout
Nikola Filipovic (111.9 kg/246.7 lb) vs. Cristian Ristea (105.9 kg/233.5 lb)