Gabi Garcia (Scott Scholz/Combat Press)

Fight to Win 114: Portland Results and Photo Gallery

On Friday, June 7, Fight to Win hosted its 114th grappling event from Portland.

In the night’s main event, the promotion crowned a heavyweight gi champion as Brazilian Gabi Garcia took on Hillary VanOrnum,

The full results of the event can be found below, as well as a photo gallery of all the action shot by Scott Scholz for Combat Press. Click an image for a larger version.


Black Belt
Gabi Garcia def. Hillary VanOrnum by collar choke – for heavyweight gi title
Catherine Fuhro Perret def. Ffion Davies by guillotine choke – for bantamweight no gi title
Cláudia Fernanda Onofre Valim Do Val def. Thamara Ferreira by split decision
James Puopolo def. Mauro Olivera by omaplata
Phill Schwrtz def. Robert Wolfe by decision
Bryan Marugg def. Gustavo Banzai Bessa by decision
Alex Le def. Juan Bernardo by decision
Ben Dyson def. John Diggins by D’arce choke
Hiago George def. Baret Yoshida by decision
Jay Shellhammer def. Don Stoner by decision
Eddie Ziegler def. Andrew Marshall by armbar
Ericson Abalos def. Micah Caputo by decision
Brown Belt
Bryan Nuro def. Derek Castro by armbar
Michael Currier def. Anthony Ramirez by ankle lock
Preston Bauder def. Ryan Honky Hart by decision
Sam Hardy def. John Shaw by armbar
Dan Dykeman def. Kevin Hughes by decision
Vanessa Mariscal def. Jessica Vann by decision
Aaron Neuman def. Jose Rodriguez by decision
Dan Walsh def. Dylan Loriaux by decision
Purple Belt
Jacoby Marshall def. Joey Meador by decision
Chandar Pass def. Gil-Eva Mendiola by choke
Cris Lencioni def. Chad McKinney by decison
Charlie Gilpin def. Dillon DuVall by flying armbar
Alan Barthold def. Casey Vann by decision
Ben Sutz def. Anthony Tilman by rear-naked choke
Tracy Danielson def. Hiroaki Sato by decision
Chance Stamps def. Giancarlo Lo Russo by decision
Chris Cabe def. Tyler Bostock by decision
Jaylon Powell def. Joey Elsmore by triangle choke
Phelan Carron def. Pierce Pappas by front choke
Karla Shellhammer def. Haley Mitchell by kimura
Tyler Rivera def. Josiah Iwamizu by armbar
Blue Belt
Haley Vann def. Ella Prevost by guillotine choke
Kids Division
Colleen Glassman def. Stryder Walls by cross choke