CP Gear Review: Elite Sports Star Series Sublimation BJJ No Gi Shorts

Elite Sports is a rapidly rising brand of martial-arts gear, claiming to provide quality construction and design for a reasonable price. This edition of CP Gear Review will cover the company’s Star Series Sublimation BJJ No Gi Shorts.

I opted for the black shorts with blue highlights, including a vibrant blue star. The color scheme is perfect for IBJJF guidelines, and the shorts do not contain any features like external pockets, buttons, zippers or anything else that would be considered a violation in competition. There are velcro closures in front, an internal drawstring, and a small internal pocket near the waist, about the size of a credit card.

As far as fit goes, these shorts are very comfortable. They are breathable, lightweight and loose. However, the sizing can be a bit deceiving, so be aware when ordering. They do post the waist size in inches on the sizing chart, which is good, but if you normally wear a large, for example, you likely will want an XL.


The first thing I noticed with these shorts was the comfort. I never felt bunched up in weird places or restricted at all, so the range of motion was awesome. A training partner even asked where I got them, which was an immediate good sign. My initial reaction to these shorts was great. I would definitely use them in both training and competition.

For the low price of $24.99, these are fantastic lightweight shorts for any level of grappler. The only drawback would be the small sizing, but it’s easy to just size up. The shorts are lightweight and breathable, which makes them great for training. The material and range of motion make for good competition gear as well.

These shorts and other Elite Sports products can be ordered at www.elitesports.com. There are also international ordering options for Australia and the United Kingdom.