Combat Athletes Who Like Hazardous Games

In the world of sports, there are several games that may be considered hazardous. The play style involves extreme circumstances declared unsafe, and viewers are advised not to replicate them. Most of these games were available in ancient times when players were punched, stabbed, smashed, drowned, or even cut into pieces. 

Some of these games are still available presently, with adjusted gameplay guidelines. You may be able to find a few at various venues, and even some online casino australia sites offer them, and gamers playing casino win real money prizes. We’ll look at some combat athletes who participate in these games. Most of these sites offer casino life hacks to help them win.

Each of them has received international recognition, seeing how they have been able to overcome challenges and become champions. There are a few names in this list that may be recognizable. However, others have become winners only recently.


Alana Blanchard

First on our list is Alana Blanchard, a fashion model who made a remarkable change to become a combat athlete by surfing some dangerous waters in Bali. She became a surfer at age four and has continued to shuffle the seas at a professional level. 

Blanchard may not be your favourite artist, seeing the kind of danger she may put herself through. But one thing is sure, surfing may be her calling. Together with her best friend, Bethany Hamilton, they have continued to conquer the waves.

Ken Block

Block is older than most of the athletes on our list, but he remains a force in the field of hazard games. He has vied in various competitions as a player. Some of his acts include snowboarder, skateboarder, and motocross combat athlete. In addition to his prowess, he became a co-founder of DC Shoes. However, he has since traded his shares in the company. 

At the moment, Ken Block plays as a professional rally driver, competing in the Hoonigan Racing Division. The Division is also owned by a company of which he is a co-CEO, the Hoonigan Industries. Videos of his extreme driving through dangerous plains and sharp turns have earned him millions of views on YouTube. 

Xavier De La Rue

Does the name ring a bell? You may have heard the name because Xavier’s elder brother, Paul-Henri De Le Rue, is a snowboarder. Xavier decided to follow his brother’s steps and is a pro snowboarder. This athlete is well known for competing on dangerous plains on the Boardercross pro tour. 

He is an award-winning athlete with a series of medals, including two gold awards from the World Championships in Snowboarding. Xavier is not just famous because he is a snowboarder, but because of the dangerous areas where he trains. Due to his prowess, he was once named “big mountain rider of the year.”

Ryan Doyle

While Parkour may not be named a sporting activity with high hazard potential, it still carries some form of extremity. This is the area where Ryan Doyle has excelled, as he shot most of his stunts and uploaded them on YouTube. Parkour is a mix of martial arts and free running, and the stunts are usually performed with dangerous flips across White Plains.

Doyle’s feats have won him several recognition awards, especially since he co-founded the World Freerunning and Parkour Federation. A few of the medals Ryan has clinched include Red Bull Art of Motion, earning him the title of a Red Bull athlete. Being an ambassador has endeared him to many games, some of which include online pokies with instant payout and other online casino win games. This player is expected to still be around for a longer time. 

Bethany Hamilton

Best friends to Alana, Bethany, who has been surfing for a long time, with lots of international accolades to her name. Based on her exploits on water, Hamilton lost the whole of her left arm to a 14-foot shark that attacked her. Spending only a month in the hospital bed, Hamilton was back on the surfing board.

Currently, she receives several recognition awards from championships and competitions. This combat athlete is presently 28 and a mother of one. Asides from being a surfer, she is the author of her autobiography “Soul Surfer,” where she details tales of her dangerous travails on the water. A movie has even been made at times in her life. 

Henrik Harlaut

Harlaut is a professional skier of Sweden nationality. He landed his first gold medal by inventing a dangerous style, nose butter triple cork 1620. He is one of the known extreme athletes on the pitch, winning several X Games gold and silver medals. Off the court, he has a likeable personality, which has reflected in the vast fanbase he commands. 

One of the known experiences about this gamer’s tremendous character was his supposed wardrobe at the Winter Olympics in Sochi, where he represented Sweden. During his performance, he wore a pair of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle gloves and his belt below his knees. 

Chris McDougall

Next on our list is Chris McDougall. This extreme sports athlete does base jumps, flying out of planes in mid-air. He has performed this stunt in several countries, filming his exploits and uploading them on YouTube. His channel currently has over 167,000 subscribers, with over 200,000 social media followers on all platforms. 

While skydiving may be expected, Chris does his stunts unassisted. He has made over 6,900 jumps mid-air, with all the videos available on YouTube. He has also performed in 50 countries and counting. 

Casino Tips to Playing Hazard Games

Some of the games that have been tagged with hazardous effects can be played in casinos. Players who enjoy such games should be wary of certain casino features that could help them win. Here are some recommendations. 

  • Always play on a licensed site
  • Claim bonuses and rewards. 
  • Do not chase losses. It is possible that your wagers on these games might not garner the necessary wins. However, you should know when to call it quits.


Sports with lots of hazards have continued to be many people’s favorites. The characteristic endangering and thrill of victory after completing an uphill task has endeared themselves to many followers who are only scared to partake but enjoy the extremities. These fans, however, prefer to play casino games with such abilities, in a bid to quell their fantasies.  

These combat athletes have continued to excel in their fields, and while a few have borne the consequences of their actions, they are still strong voices in their fields. Most of these games are available in casinos, allowing gambling clients to place a bet and win.