Ham Seo Hee (T) (ONE Championship)

Ham Seo-Hee Finally Gets World Title Shot at ONE Fight Night 14

After more than 15 years of success in MMA, Ham Seo Hee finally gets her chance to claim a World Championship in the main event of ONE Fight Night 14 on Friday, Sep. 29. 

The talented South Korean will battle Stamp Fairtex for the ONE interim women’s atomweight MMA world title, and she’s busy sharpening every weapon she has ahead of the much-anticipated matchup. 

“I am putting in a lot of effort to get ready for the upcoming fight like any other one so as not to regret it all. I am doing my best to prepare in every aspect rather than just focusing on preparing separately. As both possess striking strengths, I am focusing on training to showcase it feisty during the title fight,” Ham told ONE Championship. 


Stamp will test “Hamzzang” everywhere, especially on the feet. The Thai superstar has previously held the atomweight kickboxing and Muay Thai crowns in ONE after all, so many have her holding an advantage when it comes to striking.   

But Ham isn’t as quick to tip the scales toward her upcoming foe in that area, as she believes the intrinsic values of mixed martial arts are still a work in progress for the 25-year-old, who has 10 years less experience in the all-encomassing sport than she does. 

“I think Fairtex is a powerful opponent. Her Muay Thai strikes are powerful, and she successfully transitioned them into MMA. But when it comes to MMA, I’m a cut above her. I think MMA striking has different distances and movements that set it apart,” she stated. 

“I can’t say who holds the advantage, but I maintain confidence in any opponent. Also, I will always enjoy the fight in the ring. And I will always try my best, give it my all, and come down without any regret.” 

The world title tilt will be a potential 25 minutes of hard work for both women. Ham is planning on five full rounds of action, but she’ll also bring a definitive end to the match if she gets the chance. 

The 36-year-old is keeping ONE’s global rule set under consideration, too, so that she can ensure she does enough throughout the bout to get the win if she can’t end to Stamp’s incredible rise toward three-sport gold early. 

“I always aim for the finish and try to fight aggressively. However, I also consider the judges’ verdicts and make sure to prepare accordingly. It’s great if I get the finish, but even if I don’t, I enjoy being in the ring and don’t mind spending more time there,” Ham said. 

“Hamzzang” is aiming to take the gold and defend it until she decides to call time on her career. She knows this is her moment to capture a World Title and sees winning the 26-pound belt as the ultimate way to cap off her storied career. 

“I think the ONE Championship belt will be the final achievement for me. That’s why it means a lot to me,” Ham said. 

ONE Fight Night 14 airs live on Prime Video on Friday, Sep. 29. The action begins at 8 p.m. ET/5 p.m. PT and is free for all Amazon Prime members based in the U.S. and Canada.