Bruce Buffer

Why the Buffer Brothers Continue to Dominate Combat Sports Announcing

Now 78 years old, Michael Buffer remains the most recognizable voice in boxing with a catchphrase that has opened the main event to some of the biggest bouts of all time. His brother, Bruce, who is 12 years Michael’s junior, is the official Octagon announcer for the UFC, making the Buffers synonymous with world-class combat sports.

Given how much mixed martial arts and boxing have changed since the Buffers first started announcing major promotions, some could see it as surprising that either of them continue to essentially be faces of their respective sports. World champions have come and gone, but the Buffers remain and are being very well paid for their time. So, why do they continue to be the biggest names in sports announcing?

Michael Buffer: Iconic voice and a true fan

Michael Buffer has been the man in the middle of the ring since 1982. It only took him a year after starting his career to make it to a major promotion. For all of the Top Rank fight nights on ESPN, Buffer would lend his voice to announcing the incoming fighters. This consistent presence made him – or at the very least – his voice, nationally known in the US, and even internationally known when ESPN put on world title fights from the Top Rank stable.


In 1984, Buffer had the breakthrough that would define his career. It was this year that he started to integrate his famous catchphrase: “Let’s get ready to rumble!” The phrase may as well be copyrighted and patented to Buffer and the mark of a world-class match. Without this, perhaps Buffer wouldn’t be such a necessary part of major events in the sport, and he certainly wouldn’t have his own game of the same name.

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A big part of Buffer’s longevity in the role, beyond his iconic voice and catchphrase, is his clear love of the sport. He’s said before that he tried boxing in the army but wasn’t a fan of getting hit, but once he leaves the ring, he’s all in on the action. As you can read in this interview with him here, once he’s left the ring, Buffer will keep his own scorecard for fun.

Bruce Buffer: An artist in his own right

Bruce Buffer worked his way into the octagon very early in the run of the promotion. He became the announcer for a preliminary contest at UFC 8, but by UFC 10, he was the announcer for every fight on the card. This all began in 1996, but by mid-1997, UFC 13 had him on its books as the full-time announcer. Like his brother, Bruce has also worked on his own catchphrase and even some special moves.

The “Buffer 180,” as it’s been called, sees him perform a quick spin before indicating to the corner of the fighter being announced in their corner. To usher in the crowd, he’ll growl out the phrase: “It’s time!” Like with Michael, this catchphrase is now synonymous with the very best fights in the UFC. Interestingly, Bruce does practice martial arts, as this estimate of his net worth looks into, having once competed in kickboxing while upholding a black belt in Tang Soo Do and a green belt in Judo.

Through a love of the sport and a couple of iconic catchphrases, the Buffer brothers have earned their now-immortalized roles in the biggest events in combat sports.