Muay Thai knockouts August 2023
Saeksan (L) (ONE Championship)

Top 10 Best Muay Thai Knockouts of August 2023

We have explored the world of Muay Thai battles and assembled a list of the top ten best Muay Thai knockouts in Aug. 2023. Don’t panic if you missed a few Muay Thai fights in August, we got you with the best of knockouts this month. These are from RWS Muay Thai, ONE Championship, Petchyindee, and more.

Top 10 Best Muay Thai Knockouts of August 2023

10. Nadaka Yoshinari Knocks Out Rungwittaya Lookjaomaesaithong with Leg Kicks – RWS Muay Thai

The 22-year-old Nadaka Yoshinari is creating a massive impression in the world of Muay Thai. The Japanese striker has collected numerous titles in the sport already. Most recently, he defended his Rajadamnern Stadium flyweight title with a series of brutal leg kicks against Rungwittaya Lookjaomaesaithong.

9. Kongklai AnnyMuayThai Knocks Out Romania Silviu Vitez with Knees – ONE Championship

Live from Lumpinee Stadium, the Thai-born Kongklai showed the world why he is so highly respected in Muay Thai. At just the age of 24, he is one to keep an eye on. Kongklai was able to knock out the Romanian Silviu Vitez with a series of knee strikes in the clinch.


8. Dokmaifai Rodsuayjajeth Knocks Out Laosstar Kiatthongyot with a Body Punch – PETCHYINDEE

The young Thai athlete Dokmaifai Rodsuayjajeth was able to stop Laosstar Kiatthongyot in only the second round of their meeting. With a brutal body punch, Laosstar was knocked down twice and unable to recover.

7. Jaturat Subpreda Knocks Out Tuakiew Kiatkamphon with Knees – Muaymun Sanan Mueang

Jaturat Subpreda is making waves and creating quite a name for himself. The Muay Thai striker was able to stop Tuakiew Kiatkamphon with consecutive knee strikes in the clinch at the Muaymun Sanan Mueang event.

6. Saemapetch Fairtex Knocks Out Kaonar Sor.Jor.Tongprajin with Punches – ONE Championship

The Muay Thai veteran Saemapetch Fairtex put his skills on display in the main event live from Lumpinee Stadium. With a combination of furious punches, the impressive flurry left Kaonar Sor.Jor.Tongprajin knocked out cold.

5. Thongnoi Wor. Sangprapai Knocks Out Hicham Behzad Warrior Academy with an Elbow – RWS Muay Thai

The skilled Thai-born striker Thongnoi Wor. Sangprapai was able to stop Hicham Behzad Warrior Academy with an elbow. He was unable to recover from the lethal strike.

4. Tyson Harrison Knocks Out Tapaokaew Singha Mawynn with Punches – ONE Championship

Australia’s Tyson Harrison is earning a reputation for being an action-packed fighter every time he competes. In the main event of ONE Friday Fights 27, he stopped Tapaokaew Singha Mawynn int eh first round with a powerful combination of punches.

3. Saeksan Or. Kwanmuang Knocks Out Isaac Araya with a Punch – ONE Championship

Saeksan is everyone’s favourite Muay Thai striker. Being the most exciting man in combat sports, he never lets the viewers down. In this bout, he added his sixth win in a row and knocked out Isaac Araya with a right cross. But it was more than just a punch, it was his spinning elbows, clinch knees, and sweeps, that made this fight unforgettable.

2. Sungfah Nor.Anuwatgym Knocks Out Saiphet KongtoraneeMuaythai with a Head Kick – PETCHYINDEE

So quick that it’s easy to miss. With his back against the ropes, the young Thai striker Sungfah landed a lightning-quick head kick with his lead leg. Saiphet was mid-combination, and his own momentum sent him crashing into the ropes.

1. Worapon Paidong Knocks Out Salatan Jitmuangnon with a Head Kick – ONE Championship

It was an unforgettable moment when Salatan Jitmuangnon cornered Worapon Paidong in the iconic Lumpinee Stadium. Next, Thailand’s Worapon landed a thunderous head kick that put Salatan out cold. This earned Worapon an impressive $20,000 bonus.