RISE WS Kickboxing

RISE 174 Results: Koki Osaki Captures Title After Five-Round War

RISE 174 was broadcast live on Sunday, Dec. 10, from Tokyo, Japan. This fight card featured multiple kickboxing bouts and a title match. Full results can be found below.
Koki Osaki def. Masahiko Suzuki by unanimous decision – for the bantamweight title
Yugo Kato def. Shoa Arii by majority decision
Ryoya Inai def. Taichi Ishikawa by KO (punch). Round 3, 1:07
Yuya def. Frank-chan by unanimous decision
Ryoga Hirano def. Kengo by KO (punch). Round 1, 2:33
Daiki Toida def. Shun Shiraishi by KO (high kick). Round 2, 0:30
Hyu def. Kanta Motoyama by unanimous decision
Knight Makino def. Toshitaka Shimizu by KO (punch). Round 2, 1:26
Sotaro Kaki def. Shuma by unanimous decision
Shun Matsuyama def. Shosuke Iwanaga by unanimous decision
Kazuteru Yamazaki def. Shota by unanimous decision