Ronald Paradeiser (R) (OKTAGON MMA/@pararony/Instagram page)

OKTAGON 50’s Ronald Paradeiser: Ready to Capture Gold

On Saturday, Dec. 9, Slovakia’s Ronald Paradeiser will face his compatriot Ivan Buchinger in a rematch for the vacant lightweight title at OKTAGON 50, which takes place live from the Ostravar Arena in Ostrava, Czech Republic.

Jake Foley of Combat Press recently interviewed the lightweight title contender. Paradeiser discusses his what’s different since his first fight with Buchinger, his OKTAGON 50 prediction, who he wants to fight in the future, and more.

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Heading into OKTAGON 50, you’re riding a four-fight win streak, with the last three coming inside the distance. What has been the key to your recent success and being able to stay active?

  • Last three coming by finish, you mean, right? I think I found my comfort zone and balance, almost two years ago I changed gym and management, and, since then, everything is going my way. Most of my loses is from age when I was really young and stupid, I was taking all fights in different weight categories.

Do you think you’re in your prime? Or is this only just the beginning of your story?

  • I think, step by step, I’m coming to prime, but I’m not there yet. If I could have a wish, I’m hoping for my prime and luck in 2024.

You’re meeting a familiar opponent on Dec. 9. It’s been a couple of years since you fought Ivan Buchinger, but what can you take from your first fight to utilize in the rematch?

  • Yeah, I was really young and unprepared for Buchinger three years ago I was 23 that time. Physically, I was okay, but I wasn’t prepared mentally. Now it’s an absolutely different story.

Have you seen Buchinger’s last few fights? If so, what’s the biggest difference you’ve noticed since you fought him? 

  • Yeah, I have seen both. What I can say, if he continues with that poor first rounds, I think I will knock him out in the first. He has excellent ground game and cardio, but I improved a lot also on the ground. In stand-up, I’m levels far away.

This will be Buchinger’s 50th professional MMA fight, and he’s 40 years old. Although, he’s riding a two-fight winning streak. Of course, retirement is his decision to make, but do you think the end of his fighting career could be in the near future?

  • I think he is only 38, and, as far I heard, he will be part of one big project next year. So maybe we fight again soon.

How do you see this fight playing out? Do you think the judges will be needed?

  • There are only two options. If he will have poor first round again, I will knock him out in the first. Otherwise, it is also possible that I will out-point him. I’m not going to be in a rush. It’s a title fight

Surely, you would never look past Buchinger. But, assuming you win on Dec. 9, who are some fighters you’re interested in defending your throne against moving forward? 

  • I have different plans for next year than defending my belt. You will know soon. But, for the future, I would really like to defend against [Losene] Keita, but I think he is too scared. He already had three to four chances to defend the belt against me.

There are two lightweight bouts on your undercard. Are you going to keep an eye on those fights, or do they not matter until their name is on a contract? 

  • No, absolutely not. I will be focusing only on myself and my fight.

You’ve been with OKTAGON for 15 fights. What would you say is the biggest improvement the promotion has made since your debut?

  • It’s even more. I had 15 MMA fights, three undergrounds and one boxing. So, this is going to be my 20th fight under OKTAGON. At Age 26, it seems unbelieveable that I’m an OKTAGON legend already. I think we are growing together.

Do you expect to fight for OKTAGON for the rest of your career? 

  • Obviously, my kid’s dream is to make it to the UFC, but we will see. For now, I’m very satisfied.

Last question, what accolades do you expect to have once you retire way down the line? Do you think you’ll be a two-division champion?

  • Win the belt and be a gamechanger.