Top 10 Best Muay Thai Knockouts of July 2023

We have scoured the globe of Muay Thai action and compiled a list of the top ten best Muay Thai knockouts in Jul. 2023. It’s okay if you were unable to catch every Muay Thai fight in July, we got you covered with the best of knockouts this month.

Top 10 Best Muay Thai Knockouts of July 2023

10. Phetjeeja Knocks Out Lara Fernandez With Punches – ONE Championship

The heavy-hitting Phetjeeja only needed 26 seconds to earn a knockout win against the Spanish ISKA and WBC Muay Thai Champion Lara Fernandez. Thailand’s Phetjeeja has improved to eight consecutive knockouts in Muay Thai.

9. Thananchai Knocks Out Reza Venum Muay Thai With an Elbow – RWS Muay Thai

With an elbow strike, the skilled 22-year-old Thananchai was able to put away the dangerous Reza Ahmadnezhad, in RWS Muay Thai, in the third round. The former Omnoi Stadium Champion improves to 73 career wins.


8. Thongchai Nuisimummuang Knocks out Nersila Wor.Uracha With Calf Kicks – Petchyindee

Thongchai Nuisimummuang is a skilled up-and-coming Nak Muay. Earlier this month, after two rounds of action, the Thai-born athlete was able to put away Nersila with a series of painful law kicks to the calf.

7. Superlek Kiatmoo9 Knocks Out Tagir Khalilov With Punches and Elbows – ONE Championship

The 27-year-old Superlek is a dangerous Muay Thai and kickboxing striker. He has collected Muay Thai world titles in WBC, Lumpinee Stadium, and others while holding a kickboxing world title in ONE. This skilled athlete was able to improve to 135 victories as he pummeled Tagir Khalilov with a series of punches and elbows.

6. Chanahsuk Ban Mai Knocks Out Sam-A Somsak Kosang With a Head Kick – New Power Muay Thai

Chanahsuk Ban Mai, in New Power Muay Thai, was able to land a thunderous head kick to knock out Sam-A Somsak Kosang in round two of their meeting. He was able to bring the foot up and over teh guard to get a clean KO.

5. Soma Rompo Gym Knocks Out Petchtaweesak Sitsontidej With Elbows – RWS Muay Thai

In a dominant performance, Soma Rompo Gym was able to put away Petchtaweesak Sitsontidej with a series of thunderous elbows. A solid elbow strike landed through the guard and directly on the chin which ended Petchtaweesak’s night in the second round.

4. Nakrob Fairtex Knocks Out Phetphuthai Sitsarawatseua With Elbows – ONE Championship

Nakrob Fairtex is a highly experienced Muay Thai fighter. In the main event of ONE Friday Fights 25, he was able to stop former Lumpinee Stadium Champion Phetphuthai away with a combination of elbow strikes.

3. Jaturat Sappreeda Knocks Out Petchnamtan Oho Motor With Knees – Petchyindee

In a battle at 124 lbs, the Nak Mauy striker Jaturat Sappreeda was able to finish Petchnamtan Oho Motor with a series of knees. After battle in the clinch, and landing some tight inside knees to the body, Jaturat was able to stop his opponent cold with knees to the head during the third round of their meeting.

2. Petchsongpon Banchamek Knocks Out Amirhossein Kamary With An Elbow – RWS Muay Thai

Thailand’s Petchsongpon Banchamek and Amirhossein Kamary, of Iran, exchanged blows in a brutal back-and-forth match. The Nak Muay Petchsongpon recognized the opening in the guard and continuously attempted to land a hard elbow in between the gloves. About halfway through the match, an elbow found its home, and the fight was ended.

1. Choojaroen Damransarakham Knocks Out Saman Venum Muay Thai With An Elbow – RWS Muay Thai

Choojaroen Damransarakham gave his opponent, Saman Venum Muay Thai, very little space to breathe. With constant pressure, Thailand’s Choojaroen was able to land a thunderous elbow to put Saman down in just the first round.