Pavol Langer (R) (OKTAGON MMA)

OKTAGON 57’s Pavol Langer: ‘Will Remember 2023 Until the End of My Life’

Jake Foley of Combat Press recently interviewed Pavol Langer, who takes on Marc Doussis at OKTAGON 57, live from Festhalle in Frankfurt, Germany. See the transcript below.

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Before talking about your upcoming fight, I would love to know your takeaways from 2023. How do you reflect on a year where you won two close fights before getting caught in the October undisputed title fight


This was for me fabulous year, even I have lost my last fight. I had some private life success, I managed to win the interim title of one of the best organizations in Europe, so I guess I will remember 2023 till the end of my life with big smile :)

Of course things happen in combat sports, but I’d imagine it’s disappointing to not get to showcase all of your hard work from training camp in your last fight. How frustrating was it to not get to show your improvements?

For sure it was very frustrating, i was thinking about it whole the time, but what seems like a tragedy in one moment can be a gift when some time would pass. So only time would show if it was good for me and this lesson was necessary for me

So, your next fight will take place in Germany. Are you disappointed not to be fighting in Slovakia or do you enjoy traveling to other countries for fights?

I enjoy traveling and fighting in other countries. I think that I am bit more under pressure when I am fighting at home so I think I like more to fight abroad.

I’ve heard fighters say they don’t like to fight in their home country because there’s too much pressure with friends and family there. Have you ever experienced that or is the added pressure worth it to be with your loved ones?

Yes you have a responsibility for the people who bought tickets for your performance But at the end of the day you are still alone in the cage, but i prefer to fight in different cities.

What do you think about your upcoming opponent, Marc Doussis? What are you expecting from him when you step into the cage?

O think that he is physically very strong guy. I believe that he prepared something for me so I hope that I would be ready for everything 

Stylistically, why is this matchup advantageous for you

I dont think it is advantageous for me. I know my opponent has his qualities and in this sport is still about seconds and milimeters. So each time can be winner on each side.

Are you surprised you didn’t receive a higher-ranked opponent for your return after fighting for the undisputed throne?

I have fought enough guys from top ten. So I get the fighter who I have not face yet. 

With a win at OKTAGON 57, how long do you think it’ll take to receive another undisputed title shot? One more win, two?

I am not thinking about future. I am concentrating on my upcoming fight and then I can answer this questions. But it is in the promoter’s hands.

Do you keep a close eye on the top of your division? If so, what are your thoughts on the state of the OKTAGON light heavyweight division? Who is the most talented fighter besides you and the champion?

I guess that Oktagon MMA as a show is growing very fast and that the level of fighters is increasing rapidly Every division is full of dangerous fighters and everybody can stole his five minutes and make some big win.

How many times do you want to fight in 2024? Where do you expect to be in the division at the end of the year?

I think that two fights would be ideal for this year. It is May when I am going to fight my first fight so I am not rushing anywhere. I would rather prepare myself equally and in the best possible way

You’ve been with OKTAGON for seven years now, so what do you think about the promotion and the massive growth they’ve showcased over the last two years?

I think that it is amazing what they’ve reached in Europe. It is honour for me to be part of the organization with so strong name and I am very happy that I can fight on their big show in Germany.

Last question, you’ve fought many high-level fighters in your career. Who is the most dangerous opponent you’ve faced?

It is still different, I am happy for every of my fights. I had the luck and meet with some really good fighters and I can’t tell one name who is the best because everybody had their own qualities.