Superbon Banchamek (Kunlun Fight)

Superbon Discusses Work With Trainer Gae Ahead of His Next Fight

Superbon Singha Mawynn has been on impressive form since coming to ONE Championship in 2020. His unbeaten run in the promotion includes a jaw-dropping finish against pound-for-pound striking great Giorgio Petrosyan to claim the ONE featherweight kickboxing championship and a victory over old rival Marat Grigorian.

Now, the Thai sensation is preparing to defend his gold against Dutch-Turkish star Tayfun Ozcan, who he’ll face in the co-main event of ONE on Prime Video 2: Xiong vs. Lee III on Sep. 30.

Despite his immense success in the striking arts, Superbon refuses to take any of the credit. Instead, he claims his coach, Trainer Gae, is the key to him being the world champion.


“Trainer Gae is the main reason why I won multiple fights, including the Sitthichai [Sitsongpeenong], [Giorgio] Petrosyan, and Marat fights. He always encourages me to train harder and makes me stronger. Trainer Gae is one of the most important people in my life,” Superbon said.

The dynamic pairing began, as many friendships do around the world, at a barbeque. Although the two were familiar with one another beforehand, they were not very close. But small talk around the party led Superbon to ask Trainer Gae if he could train him since he was no longer working with another gym.

Trainer Gae agreed, and the two started to work together in preparation for Superbon’s ONE debut against Sitthichai. Their hard work resulted in a unanimous victory for the propmtional newcomer, and the bond strengthened from there. 

The connection Superbon felt was instantaneous, as he realized that his new coach was the missing piece to his arsenal.

“In terms of experience or techniques, I have them all. But what I still lacked was someone who pushes me and sets a new goal for me. Like, when I hit the pad for 5 rounds, he will ask me to do 7, or if I just run for 5 kilometers, he will make me run for 8. And that’s the way I want [it to be],” Superbon said.

“He has a true love for Muay Thai. He always strives to make his athletes successful in the profession. He always has positive energy. Also, he always invents unique ways of training to make me better and stronger.”

The pair have seen fans flock to them on social media as they continue to find success, and the reigning featherweight king believes their bond will help to bring people to the sport of Muay Thai. 

Superbon and Trainer actively work to spread the message of the sport, and they offer lessons and insights through the various platforms they are on.

And while some would argue that a fighter offering tips for free may seem like an unwise decision, as opponents may be watching, Superbon isn’t worried about this. Because watching videos is very different to putting techniques into practice.

“It’s good for me and him to be more recognized. And people who have never practiced Muay Thai or beginners can learn from our clips. What you have to do, what you have to train to be better? We just want to share our knowledge to the fans,” Superbon said.

“I’m not afraid of revealing secrets to my rivals. You know, in the gym, one trainer teaches the same techniques, gives the same training to ten athletes, but there will be only one who can do it the best. It requires many factors. Every athlete has different levels of learning skills, understanding, and capacity. Sometimes, you watch the clips, but you can’t do it. Ok, you can apply our techniques, but it doesn’t mean that you would be as good as me.”

Superbon returns to defend the ONE Featherweight Kickboxing World Championship on Friday, Sep. 30, at ONE on Prime Video 2: Xiong vs. Lee III. The broadcast will began at 8 p.m. ET.