Jesse Strader vs. Taylor Alfaro (Dave Mandel/Combat Press)

How Fast Withdrawal Bookmakers Have Become More Popular With MMA Bettors

Many MMA fans like to place wagers at bookmakers when their favorite fighters get into the cage. Indeed, many study the matchups and have a flutter on different events and not just the main card fights. But which are the best online platforms for MMA sports betting?

I want to introduce you to the concept of fast withdrawal betting sites. These sportsbooks offer lightning-quick payouts (often instant), so you can cash out your MMA bet earnings without any hassle. They excel at giving MMA bettors an enjoyable and stress-free experience, and a wide variety of wagers on all upcoming MMA fights. Below, I discuss what these sportsbooks have to offer, and why MMA fans are more frequently turning to them for their betting endeavors.

So, if you are looking for a new bookie for upcoming MMA tournaments like UFC Las Vegas and UFC 302, read on to find out more!


What makes fast withdrawal bookmakers stand out?

You understand the premise for fast withdrawal bookmakers, but what makes them so popular? I’ve listed below the main factors that make these sportsbooks stand out, including payment methods, payout speeds and accessibility.

Wide selection of payment methods

These platforms understand the importance of payment accessibility and thus offer a wide range of payment methods, which usually includes Visa, Mastercard, Interac, PayPal, Skrill, Neteller, bank transfer and different e-wallets. You can often find support for Apple Pay and Google Pay too.

This variety of payments methods makes the deposit and withdrawal process that much easier, and the various payment methods are usually accompanied by low minimum deposit limits and high maximum withdrawal limits. This allows you to play with as little as you want, and cash out big wins in one chunk.

Fast withdrawals for your MMA payouts

Of course, the main draw of these online bookmakers is the fast withdrawal speeds. Some platforms take from three to five business days to process withdrawals, which I feel is unacceptable. And that’s just processing the withdrawal at the bookmaker – it then has to be processed by your payment method, which can further prolong the process.

Fast withdrawal platforms don’t do this. They typically process your withdrawal requests instantly, within 10 minutes or within a maximum of 24 hours. Pair that with a fast payment method like debit card, credit card or e-wallet and you can quickly get your hands on your winnings from MMA bets.

Excellent customer service

I don’t envision that you should have any issues with these bookmakers, but if something does happen, you can rest assured due to excellent customer service. Most of these platforms have 24/7 customer support and a range of support methods, including live chat, telephone, email and help centers.

I usually use the live chat feature – it often starts with an AI chatbot interaction, but you’re usually connected to a helpful support rep within a few minutes. Knowing that you have responsive customer support if you need help with payments or your bet slips gives great peace of mind.

Fantastic mobile accessibility

A huge percentage of MMA fans now access sportsbooks on their smartphones and this is a trend we are seeing in general for online gambling. The owners of fast withdrawal bookmakers understand this and offer fantastic mobile accessibility.

You can access these sites using either the mobile-responsive browser version or a downloadable app for Android and iOS devices. I prefer a mobile app where possible but the mobile-responsive browser versions work fantastically too. All you have to do is open the bookmaker in a mobile web browser like Chrome or Safari, and it should load perfectly on the smaller screen size.

Great design and UI

When using fast withdrawal bookmakers, you will notice the quality of the underlying infrastructure and website. They look fantastic and have modern designs but are also highly usable. This is underpinned by modern web technologies such as HTML5 and excellent security.

You can easily navigate to the different sports sections and find the MMA matches to bet on. Usually, the bet slip functionality is amazing and you can easily change your current MMA bets, make multi-match parlays and keep track of changing odds.

They put usability first and make sure that customers don’t have to have a degree just to use their sportsbook, which is always welcomed.

Why do MMA fans particularly like these sportsbooks?

So, we know why the platforms look good from a technical standpoint, but what specifically draws MMA fans’ attention? There’s a range of factors, including the support for MMA bouts, the variety of bets and the available data for pre-match analysis.

Great support for MMA matches

These sportsbooks feature MMA as a main betting category, next to other popular disciplines such as soccer, the NBA and the NFL, so it’s easy for UFC fans to find the matches and place wagers. Oftentimes, you’ll find that sports deemed “less popular” are tucked away in a corner or buried in the side navigation – this isn’t true for these bookmakers.

You can typically find all the upcoming MMA bouts, including events like UFC Las Vegas, UFC Louisville and UFC Saudi Arabia. Of course, all the matches within the events are covered, too – not just the main card bouts. So, MMA fans can place wagers on any fight they want, including events like the Bellator Champions Series.

Wide variety of MMA bets

Fast payout bookmakers also provide bet variety, which is what many platforms are lacking. Sometimes, you will only find overall winner bets. Now, while most people will use these, many MMA fans want a little more detail and engagement, and this is where the aforementioned sportsbooks excel.

You can usually find a variety of props bets, round betting options and even predictions on the method of victory (K.O. or points, for example). Some platforms go so far as to offer bets on whether a fighter will go the distance, or offer over/unders on single round scores.

In short, you can bet on whatever aspect of the MMA fights you find interesting, and the odds are always competitive. If you compared odds with bookmakers with slower payouts, you wouldn’t notice much difference, and in many instances, the odds are slightly improved.

Fast access to large payouts

There’s nothing more irritating than placing a nice outside wager, it comes in and then you have to wait a week for the withdrawal. Obviously, there’s a lot of money in MMA and UFC fights, and some of us like to place high roller bets.

This is where fast payout bookmakers are amazing – for example, if you place a hefty bet on Conor McGregor to win against Michael Chandler and he triumphs, you can usually have that cash within 24 hours, which gives you more flexibility and money management options.

Live coverage of MMA fights

This is not as common, but many sportsbooks offer in-play betting and have live streaming action of the fights – this is usually reserved for non-main card fights, though, as they are often PPV. However, if a live stream isn’t available, you can gain access to radio commentary or a fight analysis feed that shows the flow of the bout.

For MMA fans, this adds an extra layer of depth to the fights and allows you to enjoy a more immersive experience as you place your wagers and watch your favorite fighters.

Data available for in-depth analysis

In today’s digital age, sportsbooks have progressed far beyond just providing a simple set of bets. They now feature in-depth statistics so you can analyze fighters and their matchups to make more insightful decisions on your bets.

The MMA section of these bookmakers is no different. For each fighter, you can look back over their fight history and MMA ranking to check on their recent form. This includes simple stats like the number of wins and knockouts, but also more advanced stats like punch rates and accuracy.

For the matches, you can see head-to-head statistics – if the fighters have squared up before. For statistics nerds, this facility is amazing, as it gives you some concrete evidence to work from when placing your bets, instead of just going on gut feeling or emotion.

As mentioned above, the stats are often displayed live as the game unfolds, so if live betting is an option, you can make on-the-fly decisions if a fight looks to be swaying in a particular direction.

MMA bettors are spoilt for choice when it comes to bookmakers

In the world of online bookmakers, MMA bettors are spoilt for choice! The variety of fast withdrawal bookmakers is ever expanding, and these platforms have an array of support features that make them ideal for MMA and UFC fans. The fast payout times are, of course, incredible, as everyone wants to cash out their winnings quickly.

However, it’s also the other features that make these platforms so enticing – including the support for MMA matches, the variety of individual bets and the in-depth statistical analysis available so you can make informed decisions on your wagers.