6 Best Movies About MMA And UFC

Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) has seen a surge in popularity in recent years, captivating millions of fans who eagerly tune in to watch thrilling events like the UFC and Bellator. It’s no surprise that this surge in popularity has also spawned a variety of MMA movies. The most influential and profound of them are these 6 films.

#1 Warrior

A plot filled with drama and intense emotions stars Tom Hardy, Joel Edgerton, Nick Nolte, and an exceptional cast. The story revolves around two brothers entangled in a violent battle to pursue their conflicting interests. Tommy Riordan, a former U.S. Marine, flees with his sick mother to escape his father’s alcoholic abuse, leaving behind a shattered family.

In an attempt to reconcile with his past, Tommy embarks on Sparta, an MMA tournament. Meanwhile, Brendan, his older brother and a physics teacher, cannot join him and their dying mother due to his commitment to his soon-to-be wife, Tess. The tale unravels with captivating twists and turns, exploring themes of redemption, family, and sacrifice.


#2 Bloodsport

Frank Dux, an American martial artist, receives an invitation from his former instructor to join “The Kumite,” an exclusive martial arts competition for elite fighters worldwide. Arriving in Hong Kong, Frank faces close monitoring from his US Army COs, who are enthralled in one of the best MMA movies ever.

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#3 Enter The Dragon

Bruce Lee’s movies must not be excluded from this list, despite him not being an MMA fighter – that would simply be incorrect. Let’s face it, the acclaimed film “Enter the Dragon” emanates an MMA vibe throughout.

As the movie unfolds, Lee participates in a form of MMA match. Notably, he dons pioneering open-finger gloves, which were unprecedented at the time. In fact, many experts believe that these gloves served as inspiration for the development of modern MMA gloves, which surfaced several decades later.

Additionally, Lee flawlessly executed numerous MMA techniques in the movie. For example, he secures a victory by employing an arm lock submission – a technique commonly seen in BJJ and MMA.

#4 Redbelt

Redbelt distinctively approaches MMA, delving into the philosophical facets of the sport. Following jiu-jitsu master Mike Terry in his journey through the world of competitive MMA, while staying true to his principles, the film captures attention. It provides a fresh perspective on MMA, earning praise from martial arts enthusiasts and casual moviegoers alike. With its engaging fights and moral quandaries that ignite cheers, viewers witness the unwavering integrity of Terry. Redbelt truly stands out among other films in the genre.

#5 Philly Kid

In a world corrupted to its core, even the mightiest flies meet their demise eventually. On the night that Dillon McCabe claims victory in the NCAA wrestling championship, he also finds himself accused of murdering a cop. After spending a decade behind bars, Dillon returns to his hometown, only to discover that his old friend is facing trouble from a loan shark. Determined to settle the debt, Dillon agrees to partake in underground ring fights. His ascent through the ranks may appear effortless, but the path is far from smooth. Soon, he realizes that the entire system has conspired against him, leaving him with no choice but to fight back with his own two hands.

#6 Here Comes the Boom

Kevin James (playing Scott Voss) reached his peak as an accomplished collegiate wrestler. At 42, he serves as a biology instructor at Wilkinson High School. When a distressing announcement arises, Mr. Voss takes action, transforming from an uncaring teacher to an involved one.

Yet, how can a regular high school teacher gather the $48,000 needed to preserve the music program? Mr. Voss commits to getting in shape and enduring painful beatings after learning that some MMA fighters earn $10,000 just for stepping into the ring. He does this so his students will not go without in this heartwarming film.

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Both movies and martial arts can be entertaining, and it’s always a good time when a movie can successfully blend the two. The list below includes the top MMA movies, which are not exclusive to MMA as a sport or competition. Included are films with martial arts sequences or any type of “MMA ass kicking.” Following that, we have the best MMA movies of all time listed above.