Demetrious Johnson (L) (ONE Championship)

Some Of The Best Mixed Martial Artists From Kentucky

Kentucky is a state that boasts a rich history in sports, with basketball being the most popular one. The state has produced some of the most successful collegiate basketball programs, including the University of Kentucky and the University of Louisville. Apart from basketball, Kentucky is the birthplace of several successful football players, including Randall Cobb and Tim Couch. The state has also produced notable baseball players, such as Pee Wee Reese and Jim Bunning.

While Kentucky’s sports history is extensive, the state is also known for its famous bourbon whiskey, with many distilleries located in the state. The Kentucky Derby, held annually at Churchill Downs in Louisville, is one of the most famous horse races in the world and attracts visitors from all over the globe. The state is also home to several famous landmarks, including Mammoth Cave National Park, the Louisville Slugger Museum & Factory, and the Muhammad Ali Center.

In addition to its contributions to various sports and landmarks, Kentucky has also made its mark in the world of mixed martial arts. Despite being relatively small, the state has been home to several fighters who have achieved great success in the sport and brought recognition to their home state.


One of the most notable mixed martial artists from Kentucky is Demetrious Johnson. Johnson, a professional mixed martial artist from Madisonville, currently competes in ONE Championship, where he holds the title of ONE Flyweight Champion. He is also a former UFC Flyweight Champion. Known for his quick striking, Johnson holds the record for the latest finish in UFC history with a submission win at 4:59 of the fifth round against Kyoji Horiguchi. 

Johnson’s wrestling background, combined with his ability to make it difficult for opponents to hit him, has earned him notoriety as one of the greatest UFC fighters of all time and even the greatest mixed martial arts fighter of all time, as many would have you believe.

His success in the octagon is likely to earn fellow KY residents Kentucky sportsbook promos some serious cash given his reputation as one of the most dangerous opponents a fighter can face. MMA is becoming one of the favorite events to bet on given its sheer unpredictability. But fans are always sure they’re in for a win when they’re throwing money behind a fighter of Johnson’s prowess.

Another successful mixed martial artist from Kentucky is Alex Stiebling, a retired professional mixed martial artist who competed in the PRIDE Fighting Championships, WEC, King of the Cage, BodogFIGHT, and the World Fighting Alliance. Stiebling is from Louisville, KY, and graduated from Trinity High School in 1995. 

He won the International Vale Tudo Championship in 2001 and holds victories over Wallid Ismail and Allan Goes in Pride. While he only had one fight in the UFC, The Brazilian Killer’s success in other promotions has cemented his place in Kentucky’s mixed martial arts history.

Brent Weedman is another retired mixed martial artist from Kentucky who competed in Bellator’s Welterweight division. He has competed in several Bellator Tournaments, including the Bellator Season Four Welterweight Tournament, the Bellator Season 5 Welterweight Tournament, and the Bellator Season 6 Lightweight Tournament. Weedman began his formal martial arts training when he was four years old, as his father owned a martial arts school. He was also thought to have had a future in football or soccer but chose to stick to combat sports.

Another notable mixed martial artist from Kentucky is Gina Begley, who is from Richmond, KY. She is a retired professional mixed martial artist who competed in several promotions, including UFC. 

Despite a relatively short career in MMA, Begley’s contributions to the sport and her role in paving the way for women in MMA cannot be overlooked.

Overall, Kentucky has a lot to offer in terms of sports, landmarks, and mixed martial arts. The state’s contribution to mixed martial arts may be relatively small, but the fighters named above have certainly made their mark on the sport and brought recognition to their home state. Whether one is interested in basketball, bourbon whiskey, or mixed martial arts, Kentucky has something for everyone to enjoy and appreciate.