Supergirl (R) (ONE Championship)

Supergirl Discusses Her Upcoming Bout with Ekaterina Vandaryeva

Supergirl returns to the ONE Championship Circle to take on veteran striker Ekaterina Vandaryeva in a main card Muay Thai clash at ONE Championship: Heavy Hitters on Friday, Jan. 14. The 18-year-old sensation made a jaw-dropping statement in her debut, and her upcoming second fight will be the perfect chance for her to exhibit the progress she’s made since switching to her new gym, Marrok Force MMA.

The talented Thai star made the move to join her sister, Wondergirl, at the Bangkok-based facility, which, in recent months, has seen an influx of talent and has established itself as a top-tier gym. A victory for Supergirl will help cement the gym’s status. But, more importantly, it will put Supergirl in the mix for a strawweight title opportunity.

Her Belarusian opponent has toppled some of the best names in the sport, including Joanna Jedrzejczyk – and she is looking for the same shot at gold. Supergirl understands the challenge “Barbie” poses inside the Circle and has prepared accordingly.


“Her kicks are super fast, and she looks quite stronger than I am, so I’m now trying to bulk up,” Supergirl told ONE. “Not everything depends on age and strength. There are things I can use to fight her, like my techniques. I might be young, but my punches are not to be fooled around with.”

It was her technique that helped her make a statement against Milagros Lopez. The young phenom hit with more power than a locomotive and knocked her opponent out within 60 seconds of the opening bell.

“I was so nervous in that fight,” said Supergirl. “I didn’t really do what I thought [I should have]. Everything happened from muscle memory. Like when I grabbed her leg and punched her, I didn’t plan to do that. It happened automatically because once you’re punched, you punch back. When I won, I felt like it went so fast. I was so nervous, and it ended in just one minute. I didn’t even put my all in yet.”

If she puts her all in against Vandaryeva and scores a second win, bigger opportunities await. And although she will be on the hunt for strawweight gold, avenging her sister is on the mind of the 18-year-old, and her eyes are on one opponent in particular.

Wondergirl was stunned by the power and pressure of Jackie Buntan when they met. Should Supergirl claim victory, she hopes to match up against the American next.

“It’s Jackie [Buntan], no doubt because I want to take revenge for [Wondergirl],” Supergirl said.

While “Barbie” is hoping to teach the youngster a lesson about looking forward too early, Supergirl has shown all the tools of being a superstar in the division. ONE Championship: Heavy Hitters is the next platform for the Thai fighter to show the world what she brings to the table. And, maybe Buntan should be watching.

ONE Championship: Heavy Hitters airs on YouTube starting at 6:30 a.m. ET on Friday, Jan. 14.