Rob Kaman (L) and Ernesto Hoost (R) (

Kickboxing Great Rob Kaman Passes Away (1960-2024)

“Mr. Low Kick” Rob Kaman passed away on Mar. 31 at the age of 63. The Dutch-born Kaman is a kickboxing legend who has won several titles in both Muay Thai and different types of kickboxing in the 1990s. His style was influential for those who came after him.

Known for his technical skill and strategic approach to fighting, Kaman captured numerous accolades across different weight classes and organizations. He won titles including the prestigious WKA (World Kickboxing Association) and IKBF (International Kick Boxing Federation) World Championships.

Kaman was among the first to popularize low kicks as a powerful tool in a fighter’s arsenal, changing the dynamic of how fights were approached and won. His success and fighting style influenced a generation of kickboxers.


The Dutch-born striker was one of the first athletes to transition Kyokushin karate into a new form of kickboxing, which would later be called K-1 style or Dutch style. He trained at the legendary Mejiro Gym alongside Peter Aerts under the tutelage of Jan Plas.

In the early 90’s, kickboxing had various different styles that were popular. Kaman was able to win different titles under these styles such as Full-Contact, Muay Thai, K-1, and others. After retiring from competition he continued as a coach. His seminars and training camps were highly sought after.