K-1 vs. RISE

RISE El Dorado 2024 Results: Main Event Ends in No Contest

RISE El Dorado 2024 was broadcast live on Sunday, Mar. 17, from Tokyo, Japan. This fight card featured multiple kickboxing bouts, title matches, and K-1 vs. RISE fights. Full results can be found below.

Shiro vs. Toki Tamaru ends in no contest (accidental headbutt). Round 1, 3:00
Miguel Trindade def. Chadd Collins by KO (punches and kicks). Round 1, 1:35
Lee Sung-hyun def. Taiju Shiratori by unanimous decision
Kazuki Osaki def. Djillali Kharroubi by unanimous decision
Yuki Yoza def. Kan Nakamura by TKO (leg kick). Round 3, 2:33 (Nakamura protested strike was to the groin)
Akihiro Kaneko def. Masahiko Suzuki by unanimous decision
Ryu Hanaoka def. Koji Ikeda by unanimous decision
Hyu def. Ryuka by unanimous decision
Koya Saito def. Yuki Tanaka by unanimous decision
Ryunosuke Omori def. Koyata Yamada by KO (spinning back fist). Round 1, 2:16
Ryujin Nasukawa def. Tenshi Matsumoto by unanimous decision
Jaroensuk BoonlannaMuaythai def. Yugo Kato by unanimous decision
Yura def. Kenta by unanimous decision
Musashi Matsushita def. Ryuya Ito by majority decision (extension round)
Taku def. Yuta Take by KO (punch). Round 1, 2:10
Yun Toshima def. Saaya by majority decision
Fuga Tokoro def. Shoma Okumura by majority decision