ONE Friday Fights 6 (ONE Championship)

ONE Friday Fights 6 Results: Kongthoranee Knocks Out Gingsanglek

On Friday, Feb. 24, ONE Championship hosted ONE Friday Fights 6, live from the Lumpinee Stadium in Bangkok, Thailand. The event featured Muay Thai, Kickboxing and MMA bouts.

The event aired live on YouTube starting at 8 a.m. ET. Check below for full results.

Muay Thai bout: Kongthoranee Sor.Sommai def. Gingsanglek Tor Laksong by KO. Round 2, 1:02
Muay Thai bout: Khunhanlek Singmawynn def. Petchmanee Por Lakboon by unanimous decision
Muay Thai bout: Khunsueklek UFAboomdeksian def. Koko Sor. Sommai by spilt decision
Muay Thai bout: Petchsankom Sitnayoktang def. Yodprabsuek Sor. Nilthai by unanimous decision
Muay Thai bout: Muhammed Ghazali def. Padetsuek Fairtex by KO. Round 1, 0:16
Muay Thai bout: Chokdee Macjandee def. Yoddoi Kaewsamrit by unanimous decision
Kickboxing bout: Ilias Ennahachi def. Aliasghar Ghodratisaraskan by KO. Round 2, 1:20
Kickboxing bout: Bogdan Shumarov def. Marwin Houli by KO. Round 1, 1:15
MMA bout: Brogan Stewart-Ng def. Riccardo Catindig-Stagg by unanimous decision
Muay Thai bout: Hercules Wor Jakrawut def. Shingo Shibata by unanimous decision
Muay Thai bout: Celeste Hansen def. Kalaked Por Muangpetch by TKO. Round 3, 2:36