Anissa Meksen (Lucas Johnson/Combat Press)

GLORY Kickboxing’s Anissa Meksen: Ready and Waiting

Despite being famous only among the kickboxing fan base, there are no doubts that GLORY’s Anissa Meksen can be considered one of the greatest fighters of all time, regardless of martial art. The native of France is one of the few non-Thai fighters to have competed in more than 100 bouts, which puts her in line with the likes of Giorgio Petrosyan, Peter Aerts and Badr Hari. However, Meksen claims that she is the best kickboxer of all time.

Today, Meksen, along with much of the world, waits for the improvement of the COVID-19 pandemic situation while she tries to stay focused. During her quarantine, Meksen agreed to talk with Combat Press about her career, the pandemic, and her plans for the future.

Do you agree with the judges’ decision in your GLORY 71 fight against Tiffany van Soest?


I didn’t agree to do this fight. I said it on my social network and to GLORY. It’s hard to beat someone once. Twice, it’s very complicated. Then three times? I didn’t want to make that fight, because there was no sport interest to fight her one more time after two wins. When I took the title, I went to New York. Why did I have to go to the United States to defend my belt?

So, I was forced to do this fight, and due to visa problems, I arrived only five days before the fight, when I asked for 10 days. Recovering from jetlag is very complicated for me. I knew I was going to lose before it even started. I took four spinning elbows during the fight. The referee said nothing! The fight was very close. Honestly, with all of these conditions, I was far from my best level. This is in the past. I look to the future now.

How do you train during the quarantine?

Luckily, I live with my husband, who is also my trainer. We train once a day. I try to share videos on Facebook and Instagram to help people alone at home. It’s a very difficult situation for the whole world. As a fighter, you don’t know when the next fight will be, so you have to keep in shape without training too hard.

On March 22, during the quarantine, K-1 organized an event in Saitama, Japan, with 10,000 people in attendance. What do you think about this initiative?

I was surprised that they maintained their event. I think that health comes before sport. So, we must all be careful and avoid contact with people.

Would you agree to fight without a live audience if GLORY finds a place to organize an event?

Of course! But it’s impossible, because nobody can travel. Why not make a fight in a video conference? [laughs]

Do you think that the fight between Badr Hari and Benjamin Adegbuyi, scheduled for June 20 in Rotterdam, Netherlands, will take place without delays?

I hope. We will see, but unfortunately I don’t think the situation will be resolved by June.

Would you like to fight van Soest at that event?

The logic would like Tiffany to be next. After I beat her in Strasbourg, [France], she only added a mediocre victory [over Sofia Olofsson] to fight me again. If this fight must be done, let’s do it! I’m hoping that the conditions are good this time and that the referee reads the rules before the fight.

Who is your favorite GLORY fighter of all time?

Me! Who has a record like mine? 119 fights, with 115 wins, one joke in Denver, four losses, 18 world championships, five-time GLORY champ. I have beaten all the top fighters in my division. Who has done better?