Oktagon 46 Niko Samsonidse

OKTAGON 46’s Niko Samsonidse: ‘Ready to Put on a Show’

Ahead of his OKTAGON 46 showdown, “One Love” Niko Samsonidse. The top-ranked German-born athlete suffered an injury and was out for nearly two years, but returned successfully earlier in 2023. Looking to continue his winning ways, Niko Samsonidse will face off against Nicolae Hantea at OKTAGON 46 booked for Sep. 16 which will be broadcast live from his home nation of Germany. Ahead of his matchup from Frankfurt, Germany, Samsonidse sits down for an exclusive interview with Tim Wheaton of Combat Press.

Congratulations on the win. How did it feel being back in there?

1) Thank you. I appreciate it. It was an amazing feeling to be back in the cage, after being out for so long. It was a really emotional moment for me, and I am happy to be back.


It was quite an undertaking recovering from an injury and then returning to action, how did you stay determined?

 2) It is the love for the sport – the passion. While being injured, I was still going to the gym, teaching, learning and improving. I always had the optimism that, one day, I will be able to fight again.

At OKTAGON 46 on Sep. 16, you will be facing Nicolae Hantea. How’s training coming in, and how’s the body feel?

 3) Everything is going well. I am looking forward to facing Hantea. It will be a good fight, and I will be ready to put on a show.

OKTAGON 46 will be hosted in your home of Germany; what does it mean to compete in front of your own countrymen?

 4) It’s an honor to fight here in Germany, in front of so many people, and be able to showcase my skills.

How has the growth been for MMA in Germany?

 5) It really took a while. But, recently, MMA is becoming really popular in Germany. I am happy to see this development and to be a part of it – now fighting in front of so many people and a sold-out arena.

With a win at OKTAGON 46, do you think you will be next in line to fight for a title against Mate Sanikidze?

 6) My aim is to climb up the ranks and fight the top guys, but I am not fighting my fellow countryman and friend Mate.

How do you see a matchup going against Mate Sanikidze?

 7) That is something that only happens in training.

Tell us about your origin in MMA. How did you start in the sport?

 8) I started training at the age of 15 in Freiburg, Germany. I fell in love with the sport directly. the first couple of years, I was mainly training and competing in BJJ and grappling, before I started to focus on MMA and Standup.

Were there any fighters you looked up who inspired you in MMA?

 9) There are always fighters I admire and try to learn from them, but I never had one idol in particular. I just loved to watch the fights and learn from every one of them.

Where are you, the MMA fighter, going to be in five and ten years from now?

10) In five years, I will have had fights everywhere around the world – enjoying the process. In ten years, I will be retired with a family, opening a gym, where a lot of social projects for juveniles will be involved.

Do you have any advice for others entering this sport?

11) Be open and eager to learn. Try to have fun, but still be consistent and disciplined. Enjoy the process. One Love.