Kevin Gallagher (L) (@unclecoachkevinbjj/Instagram page)

Quiggin’ Out MMA Podcast Ep. 58: Kevin Gallagher

The Quiggin’ Out MMA Podcast is back with Episode 58 and have BJJ black belt, friend of the show, and Sapateiro 30 competitor, Kevin Gallagher. Gallagher brings such a different approach to jiu-jitsu and life, and Matt and Kevin talk about it all. He really brings us into the lowest of lows and how life hit him with every submission it could, all at once. But jiu-jitsu became a beacon for growth and change. They also discuss his upcoming match with Bobby “White Trash” Emmonds. They discussed that nickname, his previous competitions and how he became a black belt after winning IBJJF World titles multiple times at brown belt.

Sapateiro 30 is a professional jiu-jitsu event that takes place Sunday Aug. 7, starting at 5 p.m. ET, live from the Dallas Bull in Tampa Fla. Competitors will be fighting for a ten-thousand dollar payout.

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