GLORY Kickboxing

GLORY Kickboxing Announces Four Grand Prix Tournaments for 2024

GLORY Kickboxing is adjusting its strategy in 2024. The Dutch-based organization has announced that it will host four one-night grand prix tournaments across heavyweight, light heavyweight, middleweight, and welterweight.

GLORY Grand Prix in 2024

The action will kick off in March with the eight-man heavyweight grand prix. Thus far, we have five confirmed competitors in Tariq Osaro, Sofian Laidouni, Bahram Rajabzadeh, Uku Jurjendal, and Levi Rigters. It remains to be seen whether or not the reigning division king Rico Verhoeven will join the tournament.

The light heavyweight division will also feature a tournament, and, in the division, Donegi Abena is the champion, while Tarik Khbabez holds the interim title. Additionally, this weight class features fighters such as Sergej Maslobojev, Stefan Latescu, and others.


The GLORY middleweight division is currently ruled by the slick Donovan Wisse. A middleweight tournament in 2024 could feature some of the division’s other sluggers, such as Serkan Ozcaglayan, Michael Boapeah, and Mohamed Touchassie.

Welterweight is one of the most stacked divisions in GLORY. A welterweight tournament in 2024 could feature fighters such as current champion Endy Semeleer, Alim Nabiev, Jay Overmeer, Jamie Bates, Hamicha, and Chico Kwasi.

GLORY executive director Maurice Hols discussed the announcement in a press release. He said, “Kickboxing is the most exciting form of stand-up combat sports in the world, and our goal is delivering the most exciting product to the fans. The Grand Prix will have fans on the edge of their seats with guaranteed action and entertainment every time, in addition to improved storytelling, centered around the fighters. This is part of a new long-term strategy that will help elevate the fan and viewer experience and will bring even more eyes to GLORY.”

GLORY matchmaker Robbie Timmers added, “Grand Prix events hold a special place in the history of our sport. They have built stars and given fans so many enjoyable moments. Fighting three times on the same night against the best in the world is a different level in combat sports, so we will see who the world’s baddest fighters truly are.”

Kickboxing was partially founded through grand prix systems dating back to the first K-1 in 1993, and hosting an annual tournament throughout the kickboxing golden age. Now, GLORY is looking to bring back some of this appeal.