Danni McCormack vs. Valesca Machado (Dave Mandel/Invicta FC)

Around the World Part 2: Top 30 MMA Prospects – Brazil

NOTE: Fighters under contract with the UFC, PFL, Bellator, RIZIN FF and ONE Championship will not be included. The order of these fighters are approximate to where they rank overall, although not perfect.

Top 30 Brazilian Prospects

  1. Bruno Lopes (12-1, LHW)
  2. Carlos Leal (20-5, WW)
  3. Talisson Teixeira (6-0, HW)
  4. Marco Tulio (11-1, MW)
  5. Maria Silva (10-1, SW)
  6. Jefferson Nascimento (11-0, LW)
  7. Mairon Santos (13-1, FW)
  8. Maike Linhares (18-3, FW)
  9. Rose Conceicao (7-0, SW)
  10. Marciano Ferreira (13-2, FLY)
  11. Jose Henrique Sousa (7-1, MW)
  12. Evelyn Martins (5-1, BW)
  13. Herbeth Sousa (16-2, BW)
  14. Iago Ribeiro (12-3, FLY)
  15. Eduardo Henrique (13-2, FLY)
  16. Beatriz Consuli (4-0, FLY)
  17. Davi Costa (15-4, FLY)
  18. Valesca Machado (13-4, SW)
  19. Lucas Fernando (10-3, MW)
  20. Marcos Degli (10-3, FLY)
  21. Hugo Cunha (8-1, HW)
  22. Aieza Bertolso (3-0, SW)
  23. Marcio Barbosa (15-3, FW)
  24. Nicoly Pedroza (5-0, BW)
  25. Flavio de Quieroz (14-4, FLY)
  26. Yasmin Guimaraes (8-1, SW)
  27. Rafael Tobias (10-1, LHW)
  28. Alexia Thainara (10-1, SW)
  29. Elora Dana (7-0, SW)
  30. Raffael Cerqueira (11-0, LHW)

Brazil is probably the steadiest country when it comes to providing prospects in MMA. They have a number of guys represented in the Dana White’s Contender Series this year including Bruno Lopes, Talisson Teixeira, Marco Tulio, Hugo Cunha, Raffael Cerqueira, Rose Conceicao and Alexia Thainara, as well as Mairon Santos on The Ultimate Fighter. Brazil is also the best country in terms of female prospects. In addition to the girls on the Contender Series, included in this top-30 are former Contender Series competitor Maria Silva, PFL vet Evelyn Martins, undefeated Beatriz Consuli, knockout artist Valesca Machado, IMMAF Champ Aieza Bertolso, LFA vet Nicoly Pedroza, Yasmin Guimaraes and Elora Dana. That’s a lot of top female prospects. Just look at this list and I guarantee a good portion of these fighters end up in the UFC within the next couple years.