Badr Hari (L) (James Law/GLORY Kickboxing)

Hari vs Overeem Set for GLORY Collision 4; Rivals 1 This Weekend

GLORY Kickboxing officially announced the fight between Badr Hari and Alistair Overeem for Oct. 8. GLORY Collision 4 will take place in Arnhem, Netherlands at the GelreDome, where, in Dec. 2019, GLORY held one of its biggest events, Collision 2, which served as the second fight between Badr Hari and heavyweight champion Rico Verhoeven.

The main event for Collision 4 is third fight between Badr Hari and Alistair Overeem, and this is a real gift for kickboxing fans. The two previous clashes of these legendary men, which happened in 2008 and 2009, are classics of the golden era of kickboxing. The fight seems to be highly competitive and unpredictable.

From one side, Hari is still a favorite, because he never moved from kickboxing and gained much more experience since their last meeting. But Hari’s GLORY career is very controversial, and, presently, I would never bet on him. However, Overeem was out of kickboxing for more then a decade, and it could be very hard for the 42-year-old UFC veteran to return from the cage to traditional kickboxing ring. I wouldn’t say that’s the fight to bet on, but definitely a fight to watch.


Another fight that was announced is a heavyweight bout between Croatian knockout artist Antonio Plazibat and Dutch prospect Levi Rigters. Plazibat is a big favorite for this one. Ritgers is a talented guy, which is proved by his fourth-ranked position in the promotion, and he has some spectacular victories. But is he ready for devastating power of number-one ranked Plazibat? This is a really exciting match-up, especially when good heavyweight kickboxing clashe are so rare.

There are also some rumors about a bout between Jamal Ben Saddik and Benny Adegbuyi, which seems to be logical for heavyweight card. But, there has been no official announcement yet.

The next GLORY event, GLORY Rivals 1 is scheduled for Saturday, Jun. 11, in Alkmaar, Netherlands. Number-one ranked Louis Tavares will take on France’s Florent Kaouachi. Below is the full fight card for this event.

GLORY Rivals 1 Fight Card

Louis Tavares vs. Florent Kaouachi
Jay Overmeer vs. Rodrigo Mineiro
Ibrahim El Bouni vs. Clyde Brunswijk
Nidal Bchiri vs. Muhammed Balli
Regilio van den Ent vs. Joe Johnson
Younes Smaili vs. Conan Saelens
Raymond Bonte vs. Steven van den Broek
Ismael Ouzgni vs. Jimmy van Kuijeren
Yannick van Vliet vs. Mohammed Achmed
Youssef Madi vs. Adil Bougzir
Diego Barbosa vs. Robin Gillebaard
Marouane Elkass vs. Bas Willemse
Renátó Góman vs. Bilal el Alaoui
Mohamed El Oualkadi vs. Rastiano Petronia
Gilvan Gomez vs. Levi Thompson