Johan Ghazali (ONE Championship)

Johan Ghazali vs. Josue Cruz added to ONE 168 in Denver

The 17-year-old striker “Jojo” Johan Ghazali has his next fight booked. He will face “Tuzo” Josue Cruz on Sep. 6 at ONE 168 in Dever, Colorado in a Muay Thai showdown. Both fighters will be looking to earn a comeback win in this matchup.

“The American-Malaysian athlete “Jojo” had a perfect 5-0 record until he lost to Nguyen Tran Duy Nhat earlier this year. The hype train was in full motion as he gained attention in 2023 by winning four fights by knockout in ONE. Additionally, he lit up his highlight by winning a match with a 36-second knockout. However, in June, he lost to Duy Nhat by decision. Ghazali has learned from this loss and is determined to get back to winning.

Mexico’s Cruz, on the other hand, had a perfect 17-0 record before joining ONE Championship. He struggled in his first two fights but has been training hard in France to improve. The 28-year-old athlete is looking to bounce back from his 0-2 opening in ONE.


Both fighters have a lot to prove in this upcoming fight. Johan Ghazali wants to show he is one of the best, and recover from his loss, while Cruz aims to get his first big win in ONE. This fight is expected to be exciting for the US-based audience.

On bouncing back from his most recent loss, the 17-year-old “Jojo” said in an interview:

“I’ve lost before. I’ve lost in life. Losing is a part of life. Don’t judge me on my wins. Judge me on how I come back from my losses. Sorry to all the Malaysian fans who came out from Malaysia all the way to Bangkok to support me. I 100 per cent felt their support in there. Keep on supporting me. I do it for the fans. I’ll be back.”

On recovering from losses, Cruz explained:

“I’ve dedicated myself to correcting my mistakes. I learned a lot. The competition inside of ONE Championship is on another level, and you have to give it your all from the first second. You can’t go in there looking to play or study your opponent. You have to fight and win. I want to redeem myself from my last performance.”