Joey Spencer (R) (Premier Boxing Champions)

How Do You Bet on a Boxing Match?

One of the oldest sports in history, boxing has long been an occasion for spectators and gamblers alike. While there are betting sites for entertainment, there is also more severe or intense betting on boxing matches.

Betting on a boxing match has a certain thrill to it. There are a few different ways to go about it, and there are plenty of resources that assist prospective gamblers in making informed decisions. Keeping a few key things in mind will help you excel and win big.

Who You Bet On Matters

Boxing is a sport that pits two individuals against one another in a face-off of strength, agility, and endurance. There are good and great boxers, and sometimes the great boxers give way to a good boxer’s lucky move or timely hook.


Knowing the players is critical in successfully betting on a boxing match. Nothing in life is guaranteed, but you can make some essential assumptions when you know who the greats are.

If Muhammad Ali were going up against John Doe, common sense would dictate you bet on Ali. Every type of sense would prompt you to make that call. There’s no sense in throwing cash at some no-name mediocre performer when they’re about to face the greatest of all time. It’s just not wise.

When you bet on who you think will win the fight, that’s called a moneyline wager. Once you’ve examined the odds, you make a prediction and hope for the best. The simplicity of the moneyline wager rests on the fact that each match has three possible outcomes: either Ali wins, Doe wins, or there’s a draw.

But what about when the greatest of all time is in question? What if you have two good boxers going against each other, and either one could reasonably come out the victor?

The Favorite vs. The Underdog

Everyone loves a good underdog story. Well, everyone besides those who always bet on the favorite. With online betting, you can win more betting on an underdog if they pull through and come out on top.

Picking the favorite is the safe option, but the returns are higher when you take a risk on the underdog.

You can bet outright on who you think will win, you can bet on what round you think they’ll win in, or you can bet on sure things happening throughout the fight. This is called prop betting, and it’s a more involved way of getting into the fight and making cash as the match progresses.

What About Prop Betting?

If you think the match will end at round three, you can bet on that. If you believe that Ali will win by knockout in round seven, you can put a wager on that. If you think that John Doe will lose all his teeth by around eight, you can bet on that, too.

Well, that last one might be a stretch.

The point is, prop betting allows you to wager on more than just who will win. It gives you a way to make small winnings as the fight goes on. It requires a little more attention and forethought than a simple bet on the end of the fight.

Prop betting works on other sports as well, like betting on how many strikes a pitcher might throw in baseball or how many free throws a basketball player might score.

Betting Made Easy

Technology has made moneyline wagers and prop betting easy for boxing (and betting) enthusiasts. Web-based betting is one of the more popular means of gambling these days, and there are plenty of online platforms that make it simple.

Most sites require you to sign up, and some require a subscription or processes fee before you can place bets with them. Sometimes sites might use free bet offers to encourage newcomers to sign up, but eventually, you’ll have to use your own money.

Online betting gives you quick and easy access to multiple sources of betting potential. You can track your wagers, place new bets as they become available, and earn your winnings without needing a middleman.

No More Busted Kneecaps

We all know the stigmas that surround sports betting. Mental images conjure up at the mention of a wager, of mobsters in fedoras and trench coats prowling the streets with baseball bats and grudges.

But that’s not the reality anymore. Betting on a boxing match is safe, easy, and fun if you know what you’re doing. And if you get good at it, it could be a swell little side hustle. Using an online service is a great way to learn how to bet effectively.