Welcome to the latest installment of the Fistic Arts Podcast, hosted by Jeff Wall and guest Schwan Humes (@blakjordanbreen).

On this episode, they discuss a few of the fights set for UFC 228 this weekend, including the flyweight title fight between Nicco Montaño and Valentina Shevchenko.

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About The Author

Schwan Humes
Staff Writer

Schwan is a lifelong fan of martial arts who has spent most of his time as an invested observer before jumping headfirst into training in his first year of college at the U of H MMA Club. As his training increased, so did his understanding and interest in the sport of mixed martial arts. Schwan has continued to involve himself in the sport by writing for SevereMMA and MMAratings, as well as working for various fighters and camps as a strategist or consultant.

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