Ripped off. Cheated. Confused. Infuriated. Disappointed. Cheapened.

Following the announcement of Holly Holm being given the title shot against Ronda Rousey at UFC 195, who would you think these emotions would describe? The easy answer would be Miesha Tate, of course. However, these emotions were probably felt by a hefty portion of the UFC’s fans and the MMA media, myself included.

It takes a lot of effort to be a UFC fan. It really does. Let me be perfectly clear that I do believe that the UFC puts out a phenomenal product, but some of the things the company does over there makes it hard to feel good about the amount of time invested in covering the organization.

We can glance over the preferential treatment some fighters get compared to others when it comes to discipline. We can turn our head as the UFC continues to make decisions that appear to be in the best interest of the promotion’s bottom line and not the fighters. Now, we are also expected to ignore the fact that the UFC’s rankings system means absolutely nothing. Instead, the way the UFC promotes one fighter over another appears to be decided by UFC President Dana White throwing a dart.

Tate deserves the fight against Rousey. The only rebuttal you’ll hear from people is that she’s already lost twice to the champion. But shouldn’t Tate’s status as the No. 1 contender mean something? Not only does Tate stand atop the list of potential challengers in the rankings, but White also said himself that she was next for Rousey when he stated, “She has worked her way back to Ronda Rousey,” during the UFC on Fox 16 post-fight press conference. It’s hard to be a supporter of White when he has started to make a habit of contradicting himself. It’s a shame, too, because he really does make himself available to the media and often times during fight week he thanks the writers for the continued support and publicity we give to the organization. My encounters with him have been nothing but positive, but I’ve fallen into the boat with my colleagues and the fans who are fed up with the contradictions of the UFC.

It’s been established that Tate got screwed to the fullest extent of the context of that word in getting passed over for Holm. Is this the best move going forward? Absolutely not. Giving Holm the title shot further discredits the UFC ranking system and raises more eyebrows as to what’s really going on behind the scenes at the UFC. Holm has not looked great in her two UFC fights, and those two wins came against fighters with a combined 4-3 UFC record. Of course, the UFC is going to market Holm as a 9-0 fighter, but didn’t the company already do that with Bethe Correia? How’d that work out again? It’s a reach, but that’s what the organization has to run with in order to build up the interest in Holm.

The UFC is priming themselves for a Rousey showdown with Cristiane “Cyborg” Justino at UFC 200 in July 2016. That’s not official by any means, but it is ever so apparent that the promotion is throwing Rousey another opponent that has no shot of beating her. It appears the UFC wouldn’t want to risk Rousey losing and putting a dent in the big Rousey vs. Cyborg plans. That’s exactly what the UFC would be risking by giving Tate what she deserves.

I really don’t enjoy turning opinion pieces into rants, but I believe it was a truly pathetic move by the UFC to toss Tate aside and give Holm the title fight. It’s a terrible example of a fighter working her way back to the top and not being rewarded for it, and it makes a complete joke out of the UFC’s ranking system.

Maybe it’s time the UFC got rid of the rankings entirely. The rankings certainly don’t have any real substance, nor do they seem to correlate with determining the true No. 1 contender. Will Holm give Rousey a good fight? No, but it’ll do exactly what the UFC is setting out to do, which is to keep Rousey undefeated and match her up with Cyborg.

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Joe Chacon is a Southern California writer that has also spent time as a Featured Columnist for Bleacher Report, as well as a Staff Writer for The MMA Corner and Operation Sports. Joe has a passion for the sport of MMA, as well as most other sports.

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  • J.D.

    Does a fighter who’s earned their last 4 victories in the UFC by decision, deserve the right to challenge for the championship over a fighter who has won their last 2 fights in the UFC via decision? Probably not! It doesn’t really indicate that either fight is going to sell that well.

    I don’t believe that the number one contender slot guarantees a shot at the title either, but then, number 8 is less likely to have earned a shot. If it’s a case of only the number one contender can fight for the title, then it’ll be pretty boring if the number one is always the number one contender. Who wants to see Rousey vs Tate number 7? Perhaps a minimum standard of being in the top 5 to challenge for the belt should be part of the criteria?

    Did Tate get robbed? No. You can’t lose what you never had. there were no contracts, no signatures, no guarantees.

    What would get me hitting the “buy fight” button? Rousey vs Nunes, Tate vs Holm and Zingano vs Correia. All on the same card. So, get selling Dana, do your job!

    Cyborg who? Get over it! There’s little point getting excited over a fight that is likely to never happen. There’s probably 4 more fights for Ronda in the UFC; Nunes, Tate, Zingano, Holm, then it’s entirely likely she’ll retire.

    • srichey321

      Yes, Tate did earn it, deserved another shot and yes she did get robbed by Dana “Don King” White. White hit the panic button and brought in someone with “championship” next to her name. People that don’t know anything about the difference between MMA and Boxing might take notice, but that is it. At least JJ and Claudia’s fight is interesting.

      The bottom line is that Dana is shielding his investment from any real competition.

      The blowback is going to continue and credibility for the UFC has gone down the tubes.

      • J.D.

        Tate hasn’t finished a fight in the UFC. She’s only finished 3 or 4 in her career and been finished by that many herself. She’s never been that convinving or dominant.

        How is pitting Ronda agsinst everyone in the top 5 “shielding” her?

        • srichey321

          I stand by my opinion. Dana white is shielding his investment.

          Have fun watching another exhibition match in Melbourne.

          • J.D.

            Shielding her from who? Oh, don’t tell me, the bottom 15 in the division?


        • Gary

          She hasnt found Nunn. I believe she is ranked fouth.

      • Juchi

        While I have issues with the way White handled the announcement, do you seriously think he’s trying to “shield” Rousey from Tate? Either you’re delusional or you must be Tate’s promoter. Tate looked meh against Carmouche and Nakai, made a nice comeback against McMann and looked impressive against Eye, whose only impressive victory in the past couple of years was a Dr.’s stoppage against Leslie Smith, who moved up from Straw weight. None of these victories warrants a second rematch with Rousey. Let Tate get a few decisive wins over Nunes, Zingano and Davis and I may change my tune. Of course, by that time, Pena may be ready to challenge for the belt.

        • LASTRADA

          Nunes deserves her shot at the belt. Let Nunes and Tate fight to see who gets Rousey after she destroys Holm. I only see about four more fights for Rousey anyway before she retires to pursue other interests. By then she will have sealed her legacy in women’s MMA.

          • Juchi

            4 more fights from now? Heck, I see 3 more w/Cyborg alone. 135, 140 & 145; each one of them being among the biggest money makers in MMA history.

          • LASTRADA

            Cyborg would be great. But they still have to seal the deal and set a date.

        • srichey321

          Tate is a canny opponent that knows how to survive, pick her spots and come out with a win. She doesn’t dominate; I believe she is a natural 125 lb fighter that is stuck in 135 lb division being dominated by someone who could easily fight at 145 and win.

          Yes, i realize she (Tate) may very well lose a 3rd time, but it would have been interesting anyway. The downside for the Rousey money making machine is that Captain Marvel would have looked relatively human against an undersized bantamweight and lost the aura of invincibility that has her booked on the talkshow circuit. An ignorant general public would take their $$ and start looking for another shiny object.

          I don’t know whether to hate or admire Dana White for being such a cynical realist.
          Have fun watching another exhibition match in Melbourne. At least Tate would have been a real fight.

          • J.D.

            So Tate who fought at 72kgs in grappling is a natural 56 kg fighter even though the division doesn’t even exist in UFC, and Rousey who fought at 70 kg in judo should fight in another division which doesn’t exist in the UFC, 65 kg?

            Makes perfect sense.

          • Juchi

            Your “natural 125 pound fighter” used to wrestle in the 158.5 lb. weight division, although she usually weighed in the 140’s. She mentioned while at Strikeforce (135) she had a 20 pound weight drop that left her exhausted and she looks a lot more solid now than she did in Strkeforce.

        • Gary

          By your criteria, Holmes doesn’t deserve a title match. Her fights were boring. Tate took Rousey to the third round. Holmes will lose in the first and no one will want to see that rematch. Holmes 15 minutes of fame ends early.

          • Juchi

            Won’t argue you on any of those points, Gary, but Holm is not trying to fight Rousey for the third time.

      • Jo Rodriguez

        Juchi… are definitely on target. People don’t notic the smallest details. And it’s true mma and boxing, totally different sports

  • nunya biznez

    Face it, the UFC isn’t a competitive sport. It’s strictly entertainment like wrestling. I do believe it takes a superior athlete to get in the ring, however, dana and joe have zero credibility and gambling on UFC outcomes should be illegal and banned, because it’s all rigged and predetermined behind the scenes.
    Fuck you joe and dana for screwing over the athletes and the fans. faggots.

  • Nancy Mcmanus

    Miesha Tate is a red neck lousy loser nobody, crying for the money the match would make her just to compete. Rhonda broke her arm for gosh sake, badly. The only reason she went several rounds is because Rhonda extended it to beat the crap out of her. Just watch the fight. She creamed her, beat her face in, as she said she would do..and she had it coming. Who wants to see Meisha but herself. She will NEVER even come close to beating Rhonda. Ho Hum Boredom for Rhonda. White can change his mind all he wants to. There was no contract. He is right, who wants to see it, just crying Miesha, to try to save face. Let her try to beat Nunes and when she gets creamed again, maybe she will disappear…..yeah

    • Vince Lovato

      Rouse did not break Tate’s arm and I think you have a crush on Tate. Sexy!

    • Gary

      Clearly by this message board alone, lots of people want to see that fight. And your recall of their last fight is weak. I remember Tate successfully defending against the arm bar several times and almost ripped Rousey’ s head off once. I want an exciting fight. You think Holmes is going to do that? I won’t pay 60 bucks for a 30 second fight.

  • Vince Lovato

    Sorry to disagree. If this were boxing, I wouldn’t want a third fight after the champ already beat Tate twice. Let Rousey make her historic run while she’s young. Let her clean out her division. Then go up or down to get a second belt. If Tate keeps winning on undercards, the public will demand a third match when it’s ripe. I’m an older guy and, like other dynasties, you don’t see too many and they are good for the sport and ALL the athletes. Before Namath, no one made money. After he signed, everyone got raises. Inatead of tackling Jie, DLinemen kind if helped him to the ground, knowing that he increased the salaries of players in ALL of team sports. 10 or 20 years from now, we will say, I remember when MMA/UFC started and Ronda Rousey dominated. Goid times.

  • J.D.

    When they (Dana) initially said Tate would get a third shot at Rousey, the blogs were hardly lighting up with excited comments anticipating the match up. Most comments I saw were saying that Rousey should fight Holm. A few of the usual cries of Cyborg, who merely needs to drop to 135 and it seems she’ll be accommodated. Then when they announce Holm as the next challenger, all of a sudden the blogs turn in favor of the lackluster 3rd installment of Rousey vs Tate. And again, more calls for Cyborg, who since last week has still failed to drop to the required 135.

    And Joe, were you really looking forward to Rousey vs Tate number 3? Seriously?

    • some people cannot be pleased, no matter what the ufc do, some people would still fine some ways to cry about it and turn it in to a negative.

    • Gary

      And now the message boards are overwhelmed by how Tate got screwed and Holmes isnt ready. Is bad press good press in mma?

      • J.D.

        Another top 10 contender? Should Ronda start dragging the bottom 15 for potential opponents? 7 out of the top 10 have already fought Ronda, she trying to work her way through the remaining 3 top 10 fighters, she can’t do it all in one night, sorry.

        Personally, I would rather see Nunes vs Rousey. But that will come. I can wait.

  • Alan Cecil

    So they want to keep Rousey intact to have a big fight against the shemale. Sounds about par for this organization.

  • Atilio Ventura

    As soon as you own a MMA organization you can pick and choose what’s best for bussiness, otherwise.

  • RenegadeSphinx

    Dana keeps it from being a real competitive sport to pure entertainment like the WWE. The best fighter isn’t put forward into the championship match, it’s the fighter Dana thinks he can market the most. He is a joke of a commissioner

    • J.D.

      Do you think only the number one contender should be able to fight for the title against the reigning champ?

      Ronda’s fought 7 out of the top 10 contenders and about to take on number 8, what do you think they should be doing, having Ronda fight 2 at a time to get through them quicker? Fight 6 or 7 times a year to make sure she’s ill prepared for each bout?

      Thankfully people like you aren’t running fight promotions.


    The FACT That She Got Beaten #EasilyTwice By #Ronda Isnt The Only #ReasonOrRebuttal .. Even Though That ALONE Is a #PerfectlyGoodEnoughReason .. Shes On 4 FIGHT WIN STREAK But She Did Not #Finish Any of Those 4 OPPONENTS .. Even The #AsianMidgetNobody .. #RouseyVsCorreia Was a #Joke From The SECOND It Was #Announced But Im Sure #HollyHolm Will Make It Out of #Round1 And Might Even DAZE #Rousey With a PUNCH or a KICK .. #Miesha Will Never Beat ROWDY .. And a 3rd FIGHT Is a JOKE And BORDERLINE #CruelAndUnUsual PUNISHMENT

    • Ted Bates

      Your post makes you look like a retard.

  • Ted Bates

    The writer of this piece is a moron. I predicted this and even wrote to Holly and told her to get ready for this weeks ago. Long before it was announced. It makes absolutely no sense to schedule a third fight between Ronda and Miesha when Miesha has already lost twice. It only makes sense if it is one win each and a third to declare the true winner like a play off system. The fact is, no one buying the PPV wanted to see a third consecutive ass kicking. Ronda is the main even on any card she is featured on, and since this is true, Dana is not going to F it up by making a fight no one wants to see. Miesha doesn’t deserve a third shot. Holly is undefeated and is the best striking female Mixed Martial artist. She might lose, but she is at least worthy of doing so. I just hope she follows my advice. J.

    • J.D.

      Um dude, she knew she’d be fighting Ronda Rousey at some point even before she joined the UFC. She even said it in an interview prior to signing. So, you wrote to Holly “weeks ago” and told her to get ready for something that she’s already been getting ready for?

      Then you told her you’re one of the worlds leading fight trainers, better than anyone she has on her team and you gave her advice on how to beat Ronda Rousey?

      She probably has a special place for letters sent by people like you, marked “TRASH”.

      • Ted Bates

        J.D. Let me guess what that stands for, “Jizz Drinker”? No doubt about it.
        I told her the Tate fight was not going to happen. That is what I told her. I told her the truth and YOU CAN’T HANDLE THE TRUTH. So rim me, again.

        • J.D.

          Oh so now you told Holly that the Tate fight wan’t going to happen? As well as telling her how to beat Ronda? So, now we’ve determined that you’re some sort of idiotic stalker who reckons he’s Holly Holm’s leading adviser.

          Next time I engage in a battle of wits with you, I’ll make it fair and only use half of mine.