Ramil Kamilov (L) with Anthony Pettis (@403realdeal/Instagram page)

Around the World Part 5: Top 15 MMA Prospects – Canada

NOTE: Fighters under contract with the UFC, PFL, Bellator, RIZIN FF and ONE Championship will not be included. The order of these fighters are approximate to where they rank overall, although not perfect.

Top 15 Canadian Prospects

  1. Ramil Kamilov (8-0, LW)
  2. Shannon Clark (5-0, FLY)
  3. Tom O’Connor (13-3, LW)
  4. Tony Laramie (9-2, FLY)
  5. Cody Chovancek (7-0, BW)
  6. Anastasia Nikolakakos (5-0, AW)
  7. Mohamed Ado (5-0, WW)
  8. Corrine Laframboise (8-4, FLY)
  9. Mateo Vogel (9-3, GW)
  10. Sierra Dinwoodie (3-0, BW)
  11. Achilles Estremadura (8-1, LW)
  12. Tommy Morrison (6-0, FLY)
  13. Melissa Croden (5-2, BW)
  14. Zackery Powell (8-2, MW)
  15. Jag Bhullar (8-0, HW)

Canada is kind of in a rebuild mode when it comes to MMA prospects, but they still have some very solid fighters. Kazakh-Canadian Ramil Kamilov has jumped all the way up the charts, especially with his recent upset over fellow top prospect Tom O’Connor. Then you have Contender Series fighters for this season in Shannon Clark and Corrine Laframboise, two top female prospects outside the UFC. Both will make a good run at the UFC. Sierra Dinwoodie is another female prospect I have high hopes for, as she’s looked very good in her brief pro run. In terms of dark horse prospects, I think Tony Laramie and Cody Chovacek are very good names that are lesser known. Both could be guys you see in the big leagues sooner rather than later.