Danni McCormack (R) vs. Karolina Wjocik (Dave Mandel/Invicta FC)

Around the World Part 4: Top 15 MMA Prospects – U.K. and Ireland

NOTE: Fighters under contract with the UFC, PFL, Bellator, RIZIN FF and ONE Championship will not be included. The order of these fighters are approximate to where they rank overall, although not perfect.

Top 15 British/Irish Prospects

  1. Mario Pinto (8-0, HW, England)
  2. George Hardwick (12-2, LW, England)
  3. Louis Lee Scott (8-0, BW, England)
  4. Kennedy Freeman (5-0, BW, England)
  5. Luke Riley (9-0, FW, England)
  6. Danni McCormack (8-2, SW, Ireland)
  7. Felix Klinkhammer (9-0, WW, England)
  8. Harry Hardwick (11-3-1, FW, England)
  9. Shaj Haque (16-5, FLY, England)
  10. Lone’er Kavanaugh (6-0, FLY, England)
  11. Jordan Vucevic (12-2, FW, England)
  12. Adam Bramhald (13-2, BW, England)
  13. Nathan Fletcher (8-1, BW, England)
  14. Raphael Uchegbu (10-1, BW, England)
  15. Shem Rock (11-1-1, LW, England)

Right now, the UK/Ireland is stacked with young prospects that have high ceilings. In terms of the guys you’ll be presented with next, the Contender Series already has Louis Lee Scott, Luke Riley and Lone’er Kavanaugh, all of whom are very good. Then you have Nathan Fletcher, who is on The Ultimate Fighter right now. Outside of that, brothers George and Harry Hardwick are both hard-nosed exciting fighters with excellent striking skills. Danni McCormick is the Invicta champion and fellow female Kennedy Freeman, the daughter of Ian Freeman, is a great young prospect. Lastly, my top prospect from the country is Portuguese-English fighter Mario Pinto is one of the few heavyweight prospects in the world that I have confidence in at the next level.