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Around the World Part 1: Top 30 MMA Prospects – United States

NOTE: Fighters under contract with the UFC, PFL, Bellator, RIZIN FF and ONE Championship will not be included. The order of these fighters are approximate to where they rank overall, although not perfect.

Top 30 American Prospects

  1. Austin Bashi (12-0, BW)
  2. Jacobe Smith (8-0, WW)
  3. Phumi Nkuta (8-0, BW)
  4. Fatima Kline (6-0, SW)
  5. Mitchell McKee (6-0, BW)
  6. Daniel Allen (5-0, LW)
  7. Torrez Finney (8-0, MW)
  8. Luke Fernandez (3-0, LHW)
  9. Richie Lewis (6-0, LW)
  10. Kody Steele (10-0, LW)
  11. An Tuan Ho (6-0, FLY)
  12. Quang Le (8-0, BW)
  13. Bella Mir (3-0, BW)
  14. Brett Martin (11-1, HW)
  15. Bailey Schoenfelder (5-0, HW)
  16. Luis Gurule (8-0, FLY)
  17. Melissa Amaya (6-0, SW)
  18. Paris Moran (11-2, FLY)
  19. Lowen Tynanes (12-2, LW)
  20. John Sweeney (13-3, BW)
  21. Alan Martinez (11-0, FLY)
  22. Jack Duffy (7-0, FLY)
  23. Ernesto Rodriguez (8-1, WW)
  24. Bekzod Abdurakhmanov (7-0, WW)
  25. Lazaro Dayron (8-0, BW)
  26. Mansher Khera (8-0, LW)
  27. Cody Linne (8-1, FLY)
  28. Ryan Loder (6-1, MW)
  29. Natalie Salcedo (3-0, AW)
  30. Eric McConico (8-2-1, MW)

The United States is the Mecca of MMA, but the coffers of prospect talent is constantly raided by the biggest promotions. Regardless, there are still a number of very good prospects. The top-five fighters-Austin Bashi, Jacobe Smith, Phumi Nkuta, Fatima Kline and Mitchell McKee-are elite level talents. As of now, Bashi, Smith and Kline are all on the Contender Series. Daniel Allen is an overlooked guy, which is criminal considering how good he looked on the Contender Series last year and was somehow passed over. Bailey Schoenfelder and Luke Fernandez are two big guys with undefeated records that are rapidly rising up the rankings. Both of high ceilings in a division low on talent. A number of fighters on this list not mentioned yet are competing on this year’s Contender Series, so expect the coffers to be raided yet again.