Katie Taylor: Ireland’s Boxing Phenomenon

There was a time when women were not allowed to fight. Now, however, the situation is completely different. Women’s boxing has been a part of the Olympics since 2012 and many women have taken advantage of this situation. They take title after title and fight for what they want. Katie Taylor is certainly one of them. She started boxing as a child and won several European and international championships. She also gained medals from the Olympics and has risen to unbelievable heights. Even though her career has had many ups and downs, she’s considered a champion and keeps growing. Therefore, today we are discussing her history, history with boxing, previous matches, and what to expect from Katie Taylor.

Betting on Boxing & Gambling

Getting ready to place bets on the final round of the trilogy saga fight, as many refer to the possible third fight between Cameron and Taylor? That would be the event of the year in the world of boxing. But, before we get to Katie’s career, we need to talk more about all the different ways you can watch boxing and place your bets. After all, Cameron and Taylor will surely put on a huge show. 

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Rematch Between Katie Taylor and Chantelle Cameron 2024

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Both women are not accustomed to losses, yet there must be a winner. Sports are hard to predict. One less hour of sleep can strip the fighter of its advantage. However, predictions can still be made. Chantelle Cameron will emerge victorious one more time. It is a simple probability. First and foremost, she has more experience than Taylor. There is at least five years of experience difference between them. Secondly, there is no denying that Cameron won fair and square the first time. Taylor was struggling far more with her win. Finally, Cameron is also a world champion in two weight classes. So Katie obviously has a chance, yet much lower than Cameron’s. But you should never underestimate an “underdog.”

The Journey of Katie Taylor

Katie’s story is definitely the one that continues to inspire millions of young women out there. She was born in Bray, Ireland, a small town and a working-class neighborhood with seemingly nothing special. Her father used to be a lightweight champion. He was actively training his sons when they were around eleven years old. Katie watched them train and decided to follow that pass as well. 

Now she has five world titles and six European championships. Interestingly enough, she also had a pretty successful start to her soccer career. But she chose boxing over football. It was a good decision since when boxing was added to the Olympics, she won the first gold medal. 

However, it wasn’t without pain and gain. Katie split from her trainer and was at a very low point in her life. She lost several matches and was struggling to fight. But, after months of ups and downs, Katie started to enjoy being in the ring again. She got back on her feet and started her pro career. Curiously, she never fought professionally in Ireland. 

Ireland’s Current Boxing Situation 

Boxing in Ireland was shaped by generations. However, don’t mistake it with the stereotype that Irish people like to fight. This sport simply has a historical value and is often taught as an extracurricular at schools. Plus, boxing is shaped by individuals like Steve Collins, Billy Walsh, and Peter Taylor who know what it’s like to be and create successful athletes. Fun fact: during the Olympics, the Irish won more medals in boxing than any other sport, second to rowing. Now boxers are supported by associations, world class casinos, sponsors, and well-known companies. So there is a new generation like Katie Taylor who knows what they want and are ready to get there. Thus, the future’s looking good, with the Youth league competing in European championships and pro boxers getting title after title.

Final Thoughts

Overall, boxing in Ireland has a long future. There are many past athletes who became trainers and are helping to shape the younger generation. However, there are also young women like Katie Taylor who rise to become champions, compete and win in the Olympics, and go toe-to-toe with people with more experience. We are patiently waiting for Katie Taylor and Chantelle Cameron to establish a date for their third match. The trilogy saga fight is sure to showcase the talents of both women, yet only one would win. As for our final recommendation, we definitely advise you to watch the match when it finally happens and place a couple of bets.