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RWS Muay Thai Adds Bouts for Next Event in Japan

Rajadamnern World Series (RWS) recently revealed multiple matches booked for their second event in Japan, slated for Apr. 14 from the Tipstar Dome in Chiba.

RWS Muay Thai Japan Apr. 14

The lineup for the upcoming event so far is:

Nadaka Yoshinari vs. Kevin Martinez
Saya Ito vs. Phayahong
Galip Celik vs. Mike Joe
Sajad Sattari vs. Motoyasukku
Issei vs. Ryuki Matsuda


Nadaka Yoshinari is fresh off of his Rajadamnern Stadium title victory against Praewprao PetchyindeeAcademy at the first RWS Japan event. It was an extremely dominant win. Prior to that, the 23-year-old Japanese athlete has put together a highly impressive win streak mostly won by way of KO.

In RWS alone, Nadaka has earned KO wins with his elbows, low kicks, punches, and head kicks; he is dangerous with every limb. He had also earned many titles in Muay Thai with the WBC, WMC, Rajadamnern Stadium, Lumpinee Stadium, and elsewhere. With these wins, he was able to earn a place as a top pound-for-pound Muay Thai fighter. On Apr. 14 he will face Spain’s Kevin Martinez who is a WMC European and IFMA Muay Thai champion.

Japan’s Saya Ito has picked up multiple professional title in Muay Thai with the WBC, WMC, WPMF, and several others. She is a Muay Thai striker who made her professional debut when he was only 12 years old. On Apr. 14 she will face Phayahong Ayothayafightgym.

Thailand’s Phayahong Ayothayafightgym is a former K-1 Kickboxing world champion, who won the inaugural title with a one-night tournament. Prior to her K-1 run, the 21-year-old striker held Muay Thai crowns in WPMF, PAT, and elsewhere.

RWS Muay Thai Japan will see more Japanese versus Thai talent going forward. These events are traditional Stadium Muay Thai with some slight adjustments to bring more action.