GLORY Kickboxing Jamal Ben Saddik

Jamal Ben Saddik Undergoes Surgery for Cancer Again

The Moroccan-Belgian kickboxer Jamal Ben Saddik underwent a six-hour operation earlier this week to remove cancer from his body. This was cancer returning after undergoing surgery in 2012.

Jamal Ben Saddik and Cancer

“The Goliath” Jamal Ben Saddik first had cancer in 2012 in his thyroid. He was able to recover from this and become a top-ranked contender in GLORY Kickboxing’s heavyweight division. The Moroccan-Belgian athlete is considered one of the main rivals of all-time great Rico Verhoeven, the reigning division champion.

The 33-year-old Ben Saddik was rumored to be an entry into the GLORY Heavyweight Grand Prix earlier in March. However, he was unable to participate due to advice from his doctors.


In Jan. 2024, he was diagnosed that his cancer had returned. In mid-March, he underwent surgery to have the cancer removed and he is now in recovery. Vechtsport Info informed Combat Press that it was a six-hour operation.

A spokesperson for Ben Saddik spoke to Vechtsport and explained:

“Jamal went under the knife yesterday. In January it was found that the cancer has returned. If everything goes well, Jamal can train again in a few weeks… Jamal wanted to participate in the Grand Prix, but we all know what happened in the meantime.”

The heavyweight Ben Saddik was rumored to be returning to the GLORY ring this April in Paris, however, after these developments, his long-awaited return may have to be pushed back.