Deontay Wilder (L) and Luis Ortiz (Tom Casino/Showtime)

Event Promotion in Combat Sports and Gambling

We don’t follow traditional media too often, but we still couldn’t help but notice that gambling companies are quite active in terms of event promotion. They seem to be collaborating with many combat sports associations to cross-promote each other. That got us into thinking about casino marketing – or its focus on sporting events in particular. It turns out to be a natural combination that we are about to explain in the following sections.

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How Do These Two Industries Overlap?

Think of gambling and combat sports like two sides of the same coin – they just happen to go together. That’s because people who often watch fighters in the ring feel like they might as well monetize their knowledge through betting. It’s like turning a game into a double whammy of fun. 


For businesses, on the other hand, it means more fans tuning in and more money flowing in through bets. For example, Conor McGregor’s fights simultaneously draw massive audiences and create a betting frenzy. But it’s not just about betting. 

Real fight promotion gives an online casino the opportunity to showcase a broader portfolio of games. For instance, they can get fans acquainted with the latest casino bonus that makes gambling perhaps even more attractive than betting. This is a common strategy in certain countries like Finland. People who play online over there can get free spins no deposit Finland in the Internet casino. Such exclusive bonuses are usually a great option for users who still haven’t tried digital gambling.

In addition, don’t forget that the two industries share a fairly similar target group. A typical MMA or boxing match spectator is:

  • Male
  • Young or middle-aged
  • Prone to adrenaline-pumping activities
  • Employed 

This is exactly the type of person who usually plays online casino games. In such circumstances, sports marketing strategies become an integral part of the overall casino marketing concept. 

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Promoting Gambling in Combat Sports Events

Event promotion ideas go a long way when you pair them with the business goals of gambling providers. For instance, most casino companies choose at least one special match or even a whole sports association that they want to invest in.

Imagine a big fight being presented by a popular betting website: It’s a win-win because it draws attention to both the event and the platform. What’s more, most gambling providers will integrate betting lines during events. Displaying these options during broadcasts adds a dose of extra anticipation for viewers. 

Another solution is to sponsor a specific athlete who can become the company’s brand ambassador. This isn’t too common because it takes a very influential figure to boost the company’s popularity, but it happens every once in a while. Take Mike Tyson as an example – one of the greatest punchers in boxing recently engaged in a sports betting promotion in Florida.

Strategies for Event Promotion in Combat Sports

This isn’t easy, as it takes a well-crafted playbook to combine digital and traditional marketing approaches. Social media campaigns emerge as heavyweight contenders on the Internet because companies can count on multiple platforms:

  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • TikTok
  • Facebook

Each of these hosts a specific audience, but all users love to see some match highlights or behind-the-scenes content. This is a particularly useful marketing tactic before the main event because it helps build anticipation among spectators. In return, casino providers get an army of new followers who now know about their brand. 

Though old, email marketing is still powerful because it serves a different purpose. A company can use it to deliver personalized updates, ticket offers, or even exclusive content directly to the inbox of a targeted customer. 

But there’s also the traditional front consisting of television and radio ads. For instance, broadcasting captivating teasers on mainstream channels helps reach a broader audience. On the other hand, print media serve as a nice addition that target somewhat older audience groups that still search for event announcements in newspapers. 

However, none of these tactics can work alone. It’s the fusion of these tactics that creates a quality promo mix. That’s the only surefire way to reach fans without leaving out any target group whatsoever. 

Event Promotion Wears Many Hats

The bottom line is that casino providers have a lot of options when it comes to promoting their businesses through combat sports. Sometimes a single channel can do wonders business-wise, but most companies use an all-round approach in order to reach as many potential clients as possible. 

The only thing left after that is to promote responsibility as well as gambling activities. That way, gambling operators can fulfill their business goals whilst respecting the overall safety of their customers.