Kamaru Usman (Keith Mills/Sherdog)

Top Five Most Lethal Grapplers in the History of UFC

The UFC is definitely one of the world’s most popular sports promotions. MMA is known for its lethal fighters and brutal fights. Fans of the sport enjoy it precisely because of how brutal it can all be. There are many different fighting modalities involved, and some of them are more effective than others.

One of the most effective modalities is grappling, including wrestling and submission grappling. Grappling allows fighters to gain full control over their opponent, pull them to the ground, and gain complete victory. But who are some of the best grapplers that the sport has ever seen? Let’s take a look.

Kamaru Usman
Kamaru Usman has some extremely considerable strength that he shows off at every opportunity, as he uses it to clinch victory from his opponents’ hands.


Just watch any of his amazing matches, and you will see that he is able to use his strength to get the upper hand on his opponents. He is also able to move incredibly quickly and make quick decisions on the fly to ensure that his opponents never gain the upper hand on him. He is able to take advantage of weaknesses shown by his opponents, which makes him truly a force to be reckoned with.

The Nigerian fighter has managed to earn 12 consecutive wins, which is an incredible feat, and he has managed to utilize grappling to help him achieve that.

Rodolfo Vieira
Rodolfo Vieira was proving himself to be an excellent grappler from his very earliest days in the sport, as he was able to take down countless opponents that would have otherwise proven insurmountable to other players.

Vieiera has also seen very few losses, and this is probably partly thanks to the fact that many players fear Rodolfo and dread hearing his name before a match. He is renowned for being able to dominate his opponents with a grapple which makes him a truly considerable player in the sport.

Georges St-Pierre
Georges St-Pierre is considered to easily be one of the best welterweight players the UFC has ever seen. He has managed to remain a memorable part of the UFC for many years since his retirement, and many of his fans can still vividly remember some of the immense grapples he has managed to pull off over the course of his career.

St-Pierre is able to apply pressure on his opponents using a multitude of grappling techniques, which helps to make him truly indomitable as soon as he steps into the ring. He is also able to use his size to keep his opponents from getting away from him when they try to escape. HE is also able to use his speed to trap his opponents, which makes it easy for him to get the upper hand and win the fight.

Mackenzie Dern
The UFC also has a number of legendary female grapplers, such as Mackenzie Dern, who is known for her ability to dominate her opponents. She is able to do so through a variety of methods, including using her superior reach, which causes trouble for her opponents when they try to escape.

Dern is also able to use her powerful legs to propel herself forward, which makes her seem truly powerful. Mackenzie has won numerous gold medals in a number of grappling competitions including the Jiu-Jitsu world cup.

Though her career is still in its early days, Dern has managed to utilize her grappling skills to force her opponents to submit and tap out. We cannot wait to see how her grappling skills develop in the future, as she will truly develop into something fearsome.

Charles Oliveira
Let’s end our list with truly one of the most gifted grapplers the UFC has ever seen. Charles Oliveira’s career has already seen some truly impressive feats being achieved, and this is thanks to his ability to use his size and power to control his opponents.

Oliveira is able to use his size and strength to keep his opponents at bay, making it difficult for them to escape. He is also able to use his power to throw his opponents around which makes him seem truly impassable.

To add to Oliveira’s reputation, he is also the player with the most number of submission wins in UFC history at over 14. This means that his grapple has proven to be so fearsome that a massive number of his opponents have been unable to escape it.

Oliveira is even able to use his grappling skills to defeat opponents that would usually otherwise outclass him, meaning that we are sure to see more great things come from him in the future.
We cannot wait to see what Oliveira will achieve in the future, but we are sure that it will have a significant impact on the MMA betting odds.

To Conclude
The UFC has seen a massive number of amazing grapplers step into the ring over the course of its eclectic history, but perhaps none are quite so impressive and fierce as the five we have explored above. And with the UFC becoming more and more exciting, you can bet that we will see even better grapplers with time.