Esther Lin (L) and E. Casey Leydon (E. Casey Leydon)

Quiggin’ Out MMA Podcast Ep. 3: Esther Lin and E. Casey Leydon

The Quiggin’ Out MMA Podcast has undergone a drastic change for 2020. The new and improved show will focus not only on fighters, but coaches, fans, and friends of the show in order to bring as many perspectives as possible. For episode 3, Matt had the distinct pleasure of having photographer Esther Lin and videographer E. Casey Leydon take some time out of their day to join him.

Matt had a fun episode with the dynamic duo of Both guests are pioneers of their craft, and it was a reprieve not talking about COVID-19 or UFC 249. Instead, they discussed how they got started in the business, including how they met and eventually got married.

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