K-1 rebirth 2

K-1 ReBIRTH 2 Results: Three Titles Change Hands

K-1 ReBIRTH 2 was a K-1 kickboxing event hosted in Tokyo, Japan on Saturday, Dec. 9. It featured more than 20 kickboxing bouts, including multiple title fights. The results for the K-1 ReBIRTH 2 kickboxing bouts can be found below.

Ouyang Feng def. Hiromi Wajima by KO (punch). Round 2, 2:13 – for the super welterweight title
Shintaro Matsukura def. Hasan Toy by split decision (extension rounds) – for the middleweight title
Rémi Parra def. Leona Pettas by majority decision
Akihiro Kaneko def. Lan Shanteng by unanimous decision
Liu Ce def. Seiya Tanigawa by KO (punch). Round 1, 2:38
Kyo Kawakami def. Toma by unanimous decision
Meison Hide Usami def. Kaito by KO (punch). Round 2, 1:05
Hayato Suzuki def. Toyoki by TKO (kick). Round 3, 0:44
Toma Kuroda def. Issei Ishii by unanimous decision – for the bantamweight title
Antonia Prifti def. Kana Morimoto by unanimous decision – for the women’s flyweight title
SAHO def. Li Lishan by unanimous decision
Miyuu Sugawara def. Lucille Deadman by unanimous decision
Shota Yamaguchi def. Ryunosuke Hoshi by TKO (punches). Round 3, 3:00
Riki Matsuoka def. Jomthong Strikergym by unanimous decision
Tatsuya Oiwa def. Yuto Shinohara by KO (punch). Round 1, 2:38
Shoki Kaneda def. Dausayam Wor.Wanchai by TKO (punches). Round 1, 2:17
Tatsuya Tsubakihara def. Kensuke by unanimous decision
Riku def. Abiral Ghimire by unanimous decision
Tsubasa Yamawaki def. Toya Matsuba by unanimous decision
Kengo Murata def. Kaito Horii  by unanimous decision
Haruto Matsumoto def. Kaishi by TKO (punches). Round 1, 2:48
Sota Amano def. Toki Harada by TKO (punch). Round 2, 0:47
Gentaro def. Takumi Yoshimura by unanimous decision