Ariane Lipski (L) (Wojslaw Rysiewski/KSW)

Ariane Lipski to Face Casey O’Neill in Upcoming UFC 296 Showdown

Get ready, UFC fans! The fiery and fiercely talented Casey O’Neill is all set to make her return to the Octagon against the formidable Ariane Lipski at the much-anticipated UFC 296. This event marks her first fight back since her unfortunate initial professional setback. This showdown is expected to be a thrilling addition to the final pay-per-view event of the year. 

Fight Background

Casey O’Neill, the rising star of women’s flyweight, is set to return to the ring after an unfortunate withdrawal from UFC 293 due to injury. Her last appearance was in March at UFC 286, where she had her first professional defeat against Jennifer Maia. Until then, O’Neill was undefeated, boasting a remarkable MMA record, including four wins in the UFC. 


On the other hand, Ariane Lipski, the former KSW champion, is on the comeback trail after escaping the worst phase of her UFC career. She’s riding a two-fight winning streak and aims to keep this momentum going. The Lipski vs. O’Neill showdown is expected to add another layer of excitement to UFC 296, a lineup already brimming with thrilling matches. This fight will present a fascinating contrast of styles and narratives, making it a must-watch for all UFC enthusiasts.

Casey O’Neill’s Journey

Born and raised in Scotland, O’Neill has been making waves in the MMA world since her debut. The 25-year-old fighter, now based in Australia, has displayed a fierce fighting spirit and exemplary technical skills, all of which have contributed to her impressive 9-1 MMA record, with four of those wins in the UFC. O’Neill’s journey in the UFC has shown her resilience and determination. 

Her swift and tactical moves in the Octagon have earned her the admiration of UFC fans worldwide. Despite her recent setback due to injury and her first professional defeat, she remains undeterred. O’Neill’s upcoming fight against Lipski will be pivotal in her career, and UFC enthusiasts eagerly anticipate her return to the Octagon.

Ariane Lipski’s Climb Back to Victory

Ariane Lipski, known as the ‘Violence Queen,’ has a fighting spirit that has seen her overcome a challenging phase in her career. The former KSW champion tumbled into a 1-3 run, but Lipski’s resilience and determination have seen her bounce back. She’s now enjoying a two-fight winning streak, having outclassed JJ Aldrich and Melissa Gatto in recent matches. 

Lipski’s return to form has been inspiring, demonstrating her undying tenacity and remarkable skill set. Her upcoming duel with Casey O’Neill at UFC 296 is set to be a thrilling spectacle, and fans are eagerly awaiting what promises to be an exciting chapter in Lipski’s comeback story. The ‘Violence Queen’ is back, and her climb continues.

UFC 296 Match-up

The upcoming UFC 296 event promises to be a thrilling spectacle, with the showdown between O’Neill and Lipski being among its most anticipated bouts. Both fighters bring unique styles and compelling backstories to the Octagon, setting the stage for an unforgettable clash. O’Neill, the rising star, is eager to make a strong comeback after her injury setback, while Lipski is determined to extend her winning streak. This fight is not just about victory in the Octagon; it’s about proving resilience, showcasing skill, and setting a course for future success in the UFC. According to FanDuel UFC odds, the match is expected to be closely contested, adding another level of excitement for the fans.