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Top 10 Best Kickboxing Knockouts of August 2023

We have studied the world of kickboxing and completed a list of the top ten best kickboxing knockouts in Aug. 2023. This month featured four kickboxing events with two RISE World Series events, GLORY, and KRUSH. For kickboxing in August, we are serving you with the best of knockouts this month.

Top 10 Best Kickboxing Knockouts of Aug. 2023

10. Kenta Nanbara Knocks Out Kontualai JMBoxinggym with Punches – RISE 171

Kenta Nanbara, a Kyokushin Karate-based striker, had to dig deep to earn the vacant cruiserweight world title at RISE 171. Kontualai JMBoxinggym is a Thai fighter who had spent years in prison but was rehabilitated and reformed back into society. The Thai-born striker nearly won this match with an overhand dropping Nanbarain in the first round. But the Japanese-born athlete rallied back to earn a knockout win and take home the cruiserweight throne.

9. Chadd Collins Knocks Out Cho Kyeong Jae with a Head Kick – RISE World Series 2023 2nd Round

Chadd Collins is an Australian-born kickboxer who was looking to leave a memorable impression with his debut in RISE World Series. For his first match, he was paired up against South Korea’s Cho Kyeong Jae. “The Shark” Collins made quick work of his opponent, earning a knockdown, followed by a head-kick knockout in the first round.


8. Jinku Oda Knocks Out Yoichi Yamazaki with a Flying Knee – KRUSH 152

It was a grueling back-and-forth fight between Jinku Oda and Yoichi Yamazaki. After three rounds of tireless action, an exhausted Oda took to the air and landed a clear flying knee to finish his opponent. The timestamped knockout is below.

7. Kazuki Miburo Knocks Out Hyung Woo Park with Body Punches – KRUSH 152

After a severe cut, Japan’s Kazuki Miburo was nearly not allowed to continue the fight. However, knowing there was some pressure to finish the match, Miburo pushed his opponent and got a knockout in the first round. He finished South Korea’s Hyung Woo Park with a series of brutal body punches.

6. Yuta Matsuyama Knocks Out Woo Hyuk Jang with a Flying Knee – KRUSH 152

The young Japanese-born Yuta Matsuyama only needed 90 seconds to find a home for his flying knee. With aggressive pressure, he forced Woo Hyuk Jang, his South Korean opponent, back into the corner. With an impressive flying knee, Yuta earned a first-round knockout.

5. Jin Mandokoro Knocks Out Ruben Seoane with Punches – RISE World Series 2023 2nd Round

Jin Mandokoro is putting together an impressive winning streak after more than a decade in kickboxing. He was able to finish the young Spaniard and Mediterranean champion Ruben Seoane in the second round of their meeting. With a flurry of punches, Jin earned an impressive knockout.

4. Masahiko Suzuki Knocks Out Imad Salhi with a Punch – RISE 171

Masahiko Suzuki, the RISE Bantamweight Champion, is considered one of the most exciting active fighters in kickboxing. After cornering his opponent, the Japanese-born striker was able to stop Imad Salhi with a massive overhand right in the second round.

3. Uku Jürjendal Knocks Out Martin Terpstra with a Punch – GLORY 87

Martin Terpstra is a Dutch giant standing at an impressive 207 CM/6’9″. Additionally, he is the reigning ENFUSION heavyweight champion, who has remained unbeaten for more than 10 bouts. Estonia’s Uku Jürjendal finished him in the first round with a massive overhand right.

2. YA-MAN Knocks Out Hiroto Yamaguchi with Punches – RISE World Series 2023 2nd Round

Japan’s YA-MAN is a fan favorite for good reason. The exciting kickboxer has a heartbreaking backstory and puts his heart on display in every match. In the RISE World Series main event, he was dropped in the first round and was forced to push himself to continue. In the second round, YA-MAN stopped Hiroto Yamaguchi with a series of punches to earn the open-fingered kickboxing world title.

1. Bahram Rajabzadeh Knocks Out Mohamed Amine with Punches and Knees – GLORY 87

Bahram Rajabzadeh had quite the night at GLORY 87. The Azerbaijani-Iranian kickboxer was able to make easy work of the PFL-experienced fighter Mohamed Amine with a series of knockdowns. Mixing punches, knees and aggression, Rajabzadeh controlled every moment of this bout. Next, in the same night, Rajabzadeh defeated Jürjendal to punch is ticket to the year-end grand prix that GLORY is hosting.