Jevgenijs "The Hurricane" Aleksejevs (R) (Kārlis Dambrāns)

The Hurricane’s Triumph: A Legendary Battle Unfolds

In the exciting world of professional boxing, where each encounter serves as a yardstick for talent, strategy, and passion, one fighter has regularly stolen the show with his unrivaled ability – none other than Jevgenijs “The Hurricane” Aleksejevs.

Fight fans from all over the world came to Benalmadena, Spain, on a sunny and beautiful evening to see a match that would go down in the pages of boxing history. It was an authoritative performance from the champion kick-boxer-turned-boxer and MightyTips Ambassador, who put his opponent under severe pressure from the moment the bell rang till the finish. Let’s look at some key memories that contributed to making this fight an unforgettable one.

Round 1: His Dominance and Brilliance

The Hurricane made his authority known when the bell rang with a powerful straight left punch. He arrived prepared and focused on maintaining his perfect career record. Aleksejevs put on a commanding show. Undoubtedly, everyone could tell his trainer, Igors Mesmers, had been instrumental in helping him develop his abilities to the highest level.


His masterful use of strategy was one of the unique features of his triumph. In the early stages, he used a calculated approach. Aleksejevs kept control of the fight with his clean left jab while remaining light on his feet and equipped with a precise reach advantage.

Trenel’s fierce and stalking technique was in sharp contrast to Jevenik’s lazy, easygoing, and natural boxing technique. The Hurricane’s calm demeanor allowed him to easily avoid Trenel’s arcing haymakers, leaving his opponent frustrated and unable to score severe blows.

Round 2: Showing Signs of Dominance

It was clear that The Hurricane was in complete control, even if the opening round was mostly uninteresting. Forty-three seconds into the second round, things started to change. A strong right uppercut and a crushing left hook brought on the first knockdowns in the bout. Trenel was able to gather himself. But that was only a preview of the oncoming storm.

Round 3: The Decisive Round

The Hurricane started to raise the heat as the third round progressed. With one minute and 14 seconds left, he got closer to Trenel, and with another powerful right uppercut and a bone-rattling left hook, Trenel was knocked to the canvas again.

Trenel once again rose, showing impressive endurance. However, the attack continued. Alexeev kept his guard up, take confident swings, and strike at will. A right uppercut followed by a second hard left hook to the body with 56 seconds remaining in the third round sealed Trenel’s fate.

According to Jevgenijs ‘The Hurricane’ Aleksejevs on MightyTips, the triumph felt like “business as usual, despite the weight of the event.” The fact that this victory came after a break from his last professional fight, which took place in 2021, makes it even more impressive. The Hurricane had not only maintained but also seemed to improve his shape.

A Show of Camaraderie

Dimitri Trenel, to his credit, fought hard the entire time. He persisted despite the huge odds against him. However, there comes a time in every fight when one must concede victory to the better fighter, and that time is when the referee decides to stop the bout. Trenel lifted The Hurricane’s hand in a show of good sportsmanship as the audience applauded in admiration. It was a moment that showed the mutual respect and camaraderie in boxing.

Despite the weight of the event, The Hurricane said that the triumph felt like “business as usual.” The fact that this victory came after a break from his last professional fight, which took place in 2021, makes it even more impressive. The Hurricane had not only maintained but also seemed to improve his shape.

What Next?

Following this crushing victory, Jevgenijs “The Hurricane” Aleksejevs witnessed a significant increase in his Super Welterweight ranking. He is currently ranked 299 in the world, which is excellent. With his perfect record still standing, this growing boxing sensation has a promising future.

What comes next for The Hurricane and his coach, Igors Mesmers, is the question on everyone’s mind. The possibilities seem limitless with such a commanding performance. His flawless record is a precious asset that could open doors to even more significant challenges and chances on the world stage.

Final Thoughts

Certain fights stand out as iconic moments that mark seasons in boxing history. An example of this occasion was Jevgenijs “The Hurricane” Aleksejevs’ victory over Dimitri Trenel in Spain. It was a master class in talent, cleverness, and unshakable will.

We have seen the emergence of a true boxing icon, and The Hurricane’s fame will only get bigger. His path proves the value of striving for excellence and working hard. And when we look to the future, we have no clue about the struggles that this unbeaten champion will face. But one thing is certain: a champion will always be a Champion.